Rus News Journal

The fair price of gasoline - 17 - 18 roubles for litre

Good news to motorists: under forecasts of the main thing Russian neftegazopromyshlennika, gasoline in immediate prospects will not rise in price and even should fall in price a little. As the prices for it have already read off scale. Thus that oil cost keeps approximately at the same level.

According to Gennady Shmalja, the present prices for gasoline in Russia on a broader scale are highest taking into account middle tier of salaries in our country. It turns out that though in the West fuel and is more expensive, expenses of an average family on gasoline there make no more than 2 - 3 %, while at us - about 8 %. The fair price of litre of gasoline of the stamp And - 95 as the president of the Union of petroindustrialists considers, 17 - 18 roubles (in a reality it now fluctuates around 25 roubles for litre with superfluous).

the Reasons which have led to such situation, a little. Is not present structures which would watch pricing in oil and gas branch, the accurate program of actions from the government in this area. The share of taxes in the price of litre of gasoline (60 %) is great. And the branch needs upgrade and structural reorganisation. For last 30 years at us it is not constructed any new oil refining factory. Therefore in the USA from one ton of crude oil receive 420 l of gasoline, and at us 140 litres.