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Films of week with Stasom Tyrkinym

the Top

the Director - Vasily Sigarev

In roles: Yana Troyanov, Polina Pluchek

* * * *

Done is a lot of noise on the last a Kinotavr taken away there hardly not all prizes the Top is a terrifying story about the girl growing in atmosphere of total dislike from outside   homeless shalavy - mothers. yes be sucked away you from me all ! - the alcoholic - mother squeals, starting in a daughter a bottle. Sharp, it is excellent ritmicheski the organised dialogues of the Ural playwright and director Sigareva, the author of the sensational play Plastelin put in Prague and in London, - hardly probable not the best that is in this picture very assured for the debutant.

dawn Border

the Director - Phillip Garrel

In roles: Lui Garrel, Lora of Estimates

* *

the Best that managed to bring into the world the proud representative of French an art film Garrelju, is his son Lui. Acting in film at Bertolucci and talented youth, charming and eternally not combed Garrel - younger executes from time to time the filial debt and in morally, and physically become outdated poetic pictures of the father. A plot of it it is black - a white cloth it is ridiculous: without having coped left of - under control by the feelings, the maiden enamoured of curly Lui Garrelja settles scores with life. And when it without special problems will find to it replacement, will start to be to it in a mirror, shedding tears and urging it to join it in zazerkalnom the world. The film will attract to admirers poetic cinema and wishing to clean plaintive glands.

the Love happens

the Director - Brendon Camp

In roles: Jennifer Aniston, Aaron Ekhart

* * *

Eks - spouse Brad Pitt is one of the most commercially successful stars of Hollywood, conceding in this quality only to the successor Angelina Jolie. The reason: public knows about sad destiny of the woman left a windy handsome man and projects this destiny for all its roles. Who will not wish broshenke happiness? Who will not want to encourage the broken heart banal words the Love happens ? In a new film with Jennifer`s participation even more unfortunate widower who has enclosed all experience of travail in a writing of the best seller will fall in love with it how to cope with loss of darling.   prepare handkerchiefs!


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