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CHeljabintsu have sewn the hand cut off by a circular saw

- Plainly and I do not remember, how it has occurred, - the patient who shakes from the strong anaesthetising tells. - I did houses repair, it was necessary to saw boards for a balcony. Has included tsirkuljarku. I was in a sweater with full sleeves. The fabric was hooked for a disk, and me has tightened under a saw.

to the Guy cut off a hand hardly above kistevogo a joint. On fast it have brought regional hospital where after ten-hour operation have sewn an extremity.

- Complexity of such operations that after such trauma patients lose a lot of blood, - is told by the head of branch of plastic and aesthetic surgery Alexander Pukhov, - during operation we have poured to the patient of one and a half litre of blood and today we will pour as much. Replantatsija or restoration of the lost extremities the heart transplantation is considered more difficult, than even. Surgeons work with a microscope. Represent, on a vein in the thickness in a match it is necessary to impose 10 seams and thus on a vein still there should be a blood.

the Hand cut off a circular saw.
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Doctors scrupulously sew muscles, veins and nerves. Some brigades of microsurgeons work at once, they periodically change, because eyes and hands are tired.

the Most complicated operation becomes free of charge. In Russia it is not enough similar branches. To Chelyabinsk carry the cut off hands and feet from Ekaterinburg, the Barrow, Orenburg and Kustanai.

That else the Chelyabinsk doctors

- For us sewed similar operations habitual, - Alexander Pukhov, - at us tells industrial region, at factories often there are states of emergency. In Europe the similar happens time in some years, and moves as sensation. And when we tell to foreign colleagues about our work, they do not believe us.

Doctors say, it is possible what to sew everything, everything. Both fingers, and hands, and feet. Several months ago here have sewn an ear. The worker on building has stumbled, has touched with an ear a metal design and it has torn off. Have sewn, all has got accustomed, now it passes rehabilitation. Return on the lawful place can even the most expensive. During existence of branch of plastic and aesthetic surgery was five cases when the wife or the mistress was engaged chlenovreditelstvom. Zolotorukie surgeons sewed all into place, and moreover, all worked!

Operation lasted 10 hours.
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- to deliver very important during time of the patient and an extremity to us, - Pukhov, - the earlier, the explains better. A hand we can sew and in ten hours after incident, and here fingers only through five. Otherwise start to die off fabrics. Many after all do not know that there is such branch.

There was a case when to the guy on building cut off a finger. The doctor in fracture clinic has thrown out it musorku and has started to bandage a stump. The guy was indignant, has pulled out from a bucket a finger, has wrapped it in a scarf and by a tram has arrived to regional hospital. Doctors have performed operation, a year later the patient has returned to the work on building.

How to get to branch

If God forbid there will be something similar, first aid knows, where it is necessary to conduct and how to save otrezannoju an extremity, corresponding instructions at them are. If the medical assistant forgets about it, it is necessary to demand to carry the patient in regional hospital. Before many patients delivered from area sanitary aircraft, but with crisis helicopters have ceased to fly. Nevertheless, the hope of extremity restoration is. It is necessary to arrive very quickly to Regional hospital - the third case, branch of plastic and aesthetic surgery.