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That will show tonight in “Wood-grouse“


birthday Gluhareva Comes nearer. In a threshold of a feast of Shanks gives it a bottle of expensive Chinese wine. However, having drunk on a glass with Ziminoj, Gluharev understands that instead of wine in a bottle - an obvious substitute. Having established the address of the firm which have reserved party of it “ fault “ Gluharev and Antoshin learn that in bottles there was a concentrate of the Chinese medical product for the growing thin extremely dangerous in heavy doses. The shop saleswoman in which Shanks has got “ wine “ admits that has received a bottle from the leader of a gang of vagabonds operating nearby - beggars Blind. Through one of vagabonds Gluharev leaves on Blind...

“ it is TRUTH “

Gluharev falls a victim of the imprudence - having left girl Masha who has come cap in hand, for some minutes near to the open safe, he finds out criminal cases by the burnt. From - for such negligence of Gluhareva can dismiss, and he decides to find Masha at any cost. It is soon found out that on unique business, among burnt down in which the bill of particulars is not subject to restoration, there passes certain addict Sasha. However, despite all efforts of Gluhareva to achieve the recognition from Sashi in instigation of its girlfriend Masha to the arson certificate it is not possible, and Gluharev by means of Karpova “ throws up “ the Sachet drugs again to detain him to court...

“ a wood-grouse “ NTV, 19. 30