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At Krasnoyarsk school the trainer has beaten pervoklashku

History with the Krasnoyarsk schoolboy who was beaten ostensibly by the trainer of section thekvondo, has received continuation. Earlier we told that in one of Krasnoyarsk schools the trainer rigidly nurtured young sportsmen. Mum of one of boys, having seen on a body of the child bruises, it was converted about militia. In the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on edge have confirmed that the statement is, we will understand . But, probably, to understand and it is not necessary. We managed to contact mum potradavshego the first-grader Elena. The woman has explained that has got excited, having written the application. After all, according to the woman, the trainer did not beat the son. And that that broke discipline is simple shlepnul the child.

- the Trainer has punished my child is absolutely merited! - Elena explains. - Igoreshka herself plaid about on trainings. Is not present no trouble that the trainer slightly shlepnul the child on the priest krossovkom if that does not observe discipline. It is sports!

Elena Has told and has gone to militia - to take away the statement.

By the way, director SDJUSHOR on thekvondo Sergey Katashev - the immediate superior of the trainer who has punished krossovkami pervoklashku, too no trouble in such measures of education of discipline does not see.

- the Boy and itself has understood that fire wood has pinned, having told to mum that it beat. Well has exaggerated a little, - Sergey tells. - then, by the way, after couple of days, the child himself has approached to the trainer and has apologised. And together they have gone on competitions. The boy also will be engaged further with the trainer. And moreover, we suggested it to pass in group to other trainer, and it in any!