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Of Evgenie Kanaeva in Japan was afraid that will not reach a pedestal

Six gold awards in all individual programs and all-round, an absolute record by quantity of awards - so Evgenie Kanaeva`s Omsk gymnast in last World championship in Japan has acted.

the Triumpher and its trainer Veru Shtelbaums met at the Omsk airport, and next day they have given a press - conference in the government house where the vice-president of the Government of the Omsk region has joined them, the Minister of affairs of youth, physical training and sports Sergey Shelpakov.

- Evgenie, in what the reason of such phenomenal achievements? You constantly win and act better the competitors

- All very simply. I take in a hall 8, and even 10 hours per day. Constantly I fulfil exercises, I bring them to perfection. In it and a secret - in diligence and purposefulness.

- Evgenie, to you suggest to participate in television projects on the central channels?

- Yes, recently invited on the Big races but I have refused. In - the first, at me simply are not present time for it - I constantly train, and in - the second game is enough travmoopasnaja, and traumas are not necessary to me.

- it was heavy to act in Japan?

- Yes. And is faster psychologically. I collected all forces, all will in a fist to act well. Though, to tell the truth, in the end of the program I even thought: As   I will reach a pedestal? It is so strongly tired. And on a broader scale to act in Japan to me very much it was pleasant. There rhythmic gymnastics simply adore.

-   Often rhythmic gymnastics compare to ballet, a leah is at you substitutes in this art form and a leah you love it?

- Fairly speak is not present (smiles). At me it is too much lacks to try to carry out any ballet elements.

- Of what thought before performance in Japan?

- Thought of how it is good to act. How not to dishonour the country Russia. The city of Omsk.

- What unexpectedness happen during performances?

- the Big problem is created by conditioners in some arenas. Happens that the wind stream blows on a tape and it lays down at all how it is necessary. Such misunderstanding cost victories to many our gymnasts. Therefore sometimes we with Veroj Efremovnoj ask to switch off the big conditioners for the period of performances.

- Sergey Vasilevich, a leah will be and to be paid further attention to rhythmic gymnastics in region?

- it is unconditional.   the decision on building in Omsk a new modern palace of sports was accepted. Now we prepare the design documentation and we choose a suitable place. One it is possible to tell precisely - the palace will be in the central part of a city, with convenient access roads.

- Vera Efremovna, in other countries know about Omsk, how about the centre of preparation of gymnasts of world level?

- Yes, the city of Omsk on hearing at experts and fans of rhythmic gymnastics. About us know, to Evgenie as the representative of Omsk school invite to America to spend there the master - classes.

- Evgenie, it is felt that you very much were tired. Than will be engaged in the near future where will have a rest?

- Necessarily I will go abroad. I can not tell yet where. And on a broader scale I am now occupied by the apartment. I buy furniture, I arrange it.