Rus News Journal

Your lunar calendar for week from October, 5 till October, 11th 2009

Monday, on October, 5th

18 - e the lunar days, the decreasing Moon in the Aries. Day is good for productive leisure and dialogue with friends, and also for new acquaintances. Be not nervous on trifles, postpone affairs and dare to relax.

Birthday men: Alexander, Andrey.

the Calendar: Put the proriver of the Jonah (VIII in to River H) . Sshchmch. Foki, ep. Sinopijsky (117). Day of the doctor. Day of the architect. Day of workers of a criminal investigation department. Day of the teacher.

Rising: 7. 41

Calling: 18. 55

the Longitude of day: 11. 14

Tuesday, on October, 6th

19 - e the lunar days, the decreasing Moon in a Taurus. The analysis period sobstvenoj essence. But it is not necessary to be engaged in a heart-searching. Be able to forgive itself lacks and weaknesses. Be careful prostudnyh of diseases.

Birthday men: Andrey, Ivan, Nikolay, Peter, Raisa.

the Calendar: Conception of the fair, nice Prophet, the Forerunner and Baptist Gospodnja John.

Rising: 7. 43

Calling: 18. 53

the Longitude of day: 11. 10

Wednesday, on October, 7th

20 - e the lunar days, the decreasing Moon in a Taurus. Be careful in a life and dialogue. Do not program itself on trouble, but certain foresight will not prevent. Protect ears, vocal chords, a campaign to the stomatologist - not the best idea today.

Birthday men: Andrey, Vasily, Vitaly, Paul, Stepan, Fekla.

the Calendar: Day of the Mirozhsky icon of Bozhiej of Mother. Pervomts. ravnoap. Fekly. Day of staff divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Rising: 7. 45

Calling: 18. 50

the Longitude of day: 11. 05

Thursday, on October, 8th

21 - e the lunar days, the decreasing Moon in didymuses. Afford rest in the open air: your lungs, so vulnerable under the Moon in didymuses, will be grateful to you for care. Self-education is effective, use any checked up sources of the information.

Birthday men: Herman, Evgenie, Maxim, Nikolay, Paul, Prochorus, Sergey.

the Calendar: Prestavlenie venerable Sergija, the abbot Radonezhsky.

Rising: 7. 47

Calling: 18. 48

the Longitude of day: 11. 01

Friday, on October, 9th

21 - e the lunar days (continuation), the decreasing Moon in didymuses. Time of courageous acts, struggle against complexes and fears. Favorable time for search of new work. Protect lungs, do not overload hands and shoulders.

Birthday men: Vladimir, Tihon.

the Calendar: Prestavlenie John Bogoslova. Day of prelate Tihona, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. Day of mail. The world day of egg.

Rising: 7. 49

Calling: 18. 45

the Longitude of day: 10. 56

Saturday, on October, 10th

22 - e the lunar days, the decreasing Moon in the Cancer. It is not necessary to overtask itself today. Avoid conflicts to associates. We will wound a stomach, be selective in meal. Do not try to decipher the dreamt dream: for certain it will be too chaotic and symbolical.

Birthday men: the Aristarch, Victor, Dmitry, the Ignatius, Peter.

the Calendar: Day sshchmch. Peter, mtr. Krutitsky. Day psihich. Health.

Rising: 7. 51

Calling: 18. 43

the Longitude of day: 10. 52

Sunday, on October, 11th

23 - and the lunar days, the decreasing Moon in the Cancer. Power of this day very powerful and, alas, the negative. Have more a rest, communicate less. Today washing, cleaning, watering are effective. Protect a stomach.

Birthday men: Alexander, Alexey, Anatoly, Anna, Valentine, George, Grigory, Ilya, Cyril, Maria, Mark.

the Calendar: prp. Haritona the Confesser. Prpp. To Cyril and shimonahini Marias, will give birth. Sergija Radonezhsky.

Rising: 7. 53

Calling: 18. 40

the Longitude of day: 10. 47