Rus News Journal

The forecast from Innokentija Lunova on 5 - on October, 11th


do not envy successes of colleagues, and note their tactics is better. Perhaps, you not so do something? To peep behind others and will not use their strategy by the superfluous.

to draw of little bodies the attention of an opposite sex, pressing on pity, at you it will not turn out. Try to operate to the contrary and to show to everything, how much you the vigorous and cheerful person.


Good week for those who likes to have fun. Do not stint gifts for itself and the relatives. Purchases, parties and walks will help you not to fall a victim of autumn melancholy.

a cancer

It is not necessary to joke with the health even if it seems to you that you have enough forces. Watch state of health more attentively and do not scorn the help of doctors.

a lion

Try not to plunge into melancholy. It is not so obligatory to force to participate itself in feasts, but to reflect on pleasant things alone with itself nevertheless costs.

the maiden

In your life comes a new stage and as all will develop in the future - depends only on you. Get used to responsibility for and learn at last - that to think of itself personally.


your new activity does not remain not noticed and will start to bring in the income. Prepare to that your financial position soon will change to the best.

the scorpion

to you is time to have a rest for a long time both soul, and a body. Find for itself hobby which will not exhaust you. Try to be engaged in something new, not similar that is peculiar to you.


Try to sleep and not to incur superfluous work more. Otherwise the chronic weariness will affect not only your mood, but also on mood of close people.

a goat

Changes will bring pleasure, safely seek adventures and go on searches of adventures. Conditions change will help you to open with itself new talents.


Relations with darling will be better day by day if you continue to behave naturally. Do not pretend to be and directly speak about the feelings and claims.


Are possible contingencies. Do not spend too many money for things which can wait. Concentrate on work and for a while postpone all affairs, concerning the finance.