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The director of the Mozhaisk Palace will be brought to justice

Mozhaisk city Office of Public Prosecutor has confirmed the bill of particulars on criminal case in the relation already the former director of the Mozhaisk palace of sports Bagration Oleg Kuraleha.

This criminal case has been raised on July, 24th, 2009 by Department of inquiry OVD on Mozhaisk municipal area on materials of check of Mozhaisk city Office of Public Prosecutor. The local resident was converted into Office of Public Prosecutor with the statement for beating by its Kuralehom 15 - the summer son during sports gathering on lake Seliger.

Sports gathering of schoolboys were spent from July, 14 till July, 23rd, 2009 by the municipal unitary enterprise the Mozhaisk palace of sports Bagration .

According to the investigation, about 23 hours on July, 21st director MUP has beaten 15 - the summer schoolboy that that has refused to go to sleep and wanted to get warm at a fire. 42 - summer Kuraleh beat the teenager hands on a head, feet in basin area, a head about the earth, having caused it physical injuries in the form of bruises. Then Kuraleh has called camp general meeting on which declared that the infringer of discipline in sports section will not be engaged more.

it was during the investigation found out that the fact rukoprikladstva from party Kuraleha concerning minors was not individual. After attraction of the director of the Mozhaisk palace of sports to a criminal liability has got publicity, one more woman was converted into Office of Public Prosecutor with the similar complaint.

Employees of Office of Public Prosecutor have established that 12 - the summer son of the declarant also took part in sports gathering on lake Seliger. As believes a consequence, this very day, on July, 21st, 2009 it has been beaten by Kuralehom that during a dinner was playfully voiced to the contemporary. in the educational purposes The teenager has received some blows by a hand on a head, feet on a back and a knee in a chest.

In this connection concerning Oleg Kuraleha one more criminal case which is connected in one manufacture to earlier raised criminal case has been brought.

Considering the public importance of all-round and objective investigation, incorporated criminal case by the Mozhaisk city public prosecutor has been withdrawn from manufacture of the investigator and passed in Investigatory department on the city of Mozhaisk of SOU SKP of Russia across Moscow Region.

Now the director - the karateka is accused of fulfilment of the crimes provided by article a beating . The director is threatened with the penalty in 40 000 roubles and arrest for three months.

By results of consideration of representation of the public prosecutor directed to the address of the Head of Mozhaisk municipal area, Oleg Kuraleh from a post is dismissed.
criminal case will obey Mozhaisk city court.

Here is how itself submits itself in the blitz - interview the Director of the Mozhaisk Palace of sports, the senior trainer for boxing Oleg Kuraleh (a site bagration - sport. ru) :

My acquaintance to boxing has taken place in 1980 when I have registered in boxing section at Mozhaisk of the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE. In 1984, being the candidate for the master of sports, I have decided to arrive in GTSOLIFK (nowadays RGUFK). Right after the institute terminations has returned to Mozhaisk and has started to develop and perfect a favourite sport on the basis of sports club finist which director was up to opening of the Ice palace of sports. In four years after the beginning of my trainer`s work the boxing section has considerably grown in quality. Then there were first prize-winners and winners of Superiority of Russia, Moscow and Moscow Region.

I on life go on two professional roads: as the trainer and as the organizer. One without another I can not present myself. Now I work over the dissertation Maintenance of stability of enterprise structures in the conditions of an economic crisis .