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The most qualitative products of Tatarstan

  These manufacturers we have invited for a round table a press - the centre to discuss, as to them is in crisis, and   a leah helps an appeal Buy tatarstanskoe! to the local companies to make the way in trading networks which work in republic. A leah

the Best in Tatarstan

competition " Has undergone any changes; 100 best in connection with crisis?

- Pleases that, despite a difficult economic situation, quantity wishing to take part in competition of the best goods has not decreased, - the chief of department of information FGU " speaks; the Tatarstansky centre of standardization, metrology and certification Yury SOLODKOV. - On jury court this year new types of service have been presented: kliningovye, building, insurance, medical services. The quality level of the goods presented on competition has raised also, the assortment of the goods has considerably extended. It has allowed to put forward on a federal stage of competition of 120 names of production (for comparison: in 2008 - m to year - 97). Tatarstan already traditionally takes leading places in federal competition. So, in 2006 and 2008 we were the second, and in 2007 have won first place among subjects of the Russian Federation. I hope, and this year becomes not an exception.

- we for victory have every chance, after all the goods pass the most strict estimation,   - has continued the deputy the general director of Joint-Stock Company RSMTS the Test - Tatarstan Sergey GOGIN. - the Main criterion of an estimation of production - its quality, namely is important how much it corresponds to the necessary requirements. To them also   concern level of consumer properties: energozatratnost, security for health of consumers, etc. Recently the attention to presence in the company - the participant of competition of the certificated systems of quality management began to be paid. Complaints are considered from clients, public opinion about a product and the enterprise. A packing aesthetics, an aesthetics of the product, and, important aspect, - availability of the price of the goods to the consumer.

That gives competition to manufacturers and consumers?

- which year organizers of competition are convinced what a little to make a quality product, it is necessary to inform about these goods the consumer. On it our efforts are directed first of all, - Yury SOLODKOV responds. - last year organizers of competition have conducted sociological research which has shown that participants have noted positive benefits for themselves. In - the first, for 50 percent interrogated participation in competition has allowed to raise image of the enterprises - participants. In - the second, 40 percent to participants managed to increase quantity of sales.

Wins, as it has appeared, and the consumer. When the buyer sees a logo of our competition on a label of the goods, he can be absolutely assured of its quality and security. After all the product has passed the most serious expert estimation of the independent commission. However yet the question on is up to the end solved how to inform about winners and the best goods of republic. On this subject we were already repeatedly converted into the government with the request to give financial support. Here we see creation of concessionary terms of participation in exhibitions and advertising placings in every possible information channels, replacement of an organizational payment for the participant   budgetary funds.   insignificant financing for this purpose is required, and effect it is possible to receive the powerful. Such experience widespread in other regions. I hope that in due course the competition organising committee can comprehensively support the best manufacturers of Tatarstan.

Has supported interlocutors the chief of department of the analysis and development of the consumer market and services of the Ministry of the industry and trade RT of Valentine popova:

- it is valid, we are convinced which year of necessity of the measures contributing in improvement of quality of production and competitiveness of our enterprises. Always it is necessary for quality to pay steadfast attention, but especially   in the conditions of an economic crisis when priorities in preferences of consumers are displaced on cheaper products. Basically, this tendency is characteristic for food group of the goods. If over the last 5 years we could observe accruing interest to not food group of the goods that bore to growth of incomes of the population for last 8 months the priority was displaced towards foodstuff.   Manufacturers in turn try to work both over quality, and over the price, and over assortment, trying to satisfy requirements which are expressed by the population. Power state structures do not stand aside. Now the program on increase of competitiveness of production which should capture all spheres influencing on   is developed; quality of production: manufacture, raw materials delivery, logistics and etc. We hope that this program will allow to raise production quality level considerably.

Local smothers cheap manufacture

faces what difficulties today the manufacturer?

- At us problems with suppliers of raw materials, - the sales manager

has noted Open Company TONE Open Company Trading house VMK Stanislav SATTAROV. - In our pressing forward to satisfy requirements of the client we always tried to minimisation of the price of the goods, as, however, and to use of natural quality raw materials. The smell of fresh smoking which you can feel in shop where our production is presented, became in a sense a brand of our company. As to the price, such socially significant product as boiled sausage, we sell with the minimum surcharge, - actually under the cost price. And in the market, as it is known, now a lot of import raw materials of poor quality. Therefore in search of natural country meat with konkurentno the capable price we should go round all state farms and collective farms. To our quality of questions does not arise, and results of competition minister to that acknowledgement

- And difficulties for manufacturers in the market more enough, - the foreman Gulkinsky mjasopererabatyvajushchy shop (IP Muhametzjanov R. Sh) has entered conversation Alexander TIKHONOV. - our activity is directed on consumers in nearby cities and villages. Also, as we work exclusively on domestic natural raw materials, it is heavy to us to compete to cheap production. The pensioner prefers to buy sausage for 60 rbl. which practically does not contain some meat in the structure. Therefore now actively we search for the market new to. Today at us profitable manufacture, though also small (the shop lets out about one and a half tons of production in change). By the way, problems with deliveries of raw materials we do not test. In close cooperation we work with all local agrofirms which deliver us raw materials in live weight.

In struggle for the consumer

How to achieve competitiveness in the market?

- For us important constantly to improve the water production technology, - the director of Open Company " tells; povere Sufija ZIGANSHINA. Among participants of competition in the given segment only our company has presented a highest category product. We approach to process of water treating with all responsibility. For today in Tatarstan practically there are no companies which could make a product such quality. Only in our working conditions it is possible to make jodirovannuju water. Pleases that among consumers the relation to a water choice today changes. So, the consumer gives great attention to ecological security of a product, technologies of a filtration, procedure of a mineralization of water that, of course, positively affects our sales.    

- We try to expand actively assortment, - Marina ALEKSANOVA - the chief of laboratory of Branch of Open Society " ascertains; VAMIN Tatarstan the Kazan dairy industrial complex . - If till 2006 the industrial complex has been focused only on development of traditional dairy production with small periods of storage after reconstruction with full upgrade of the equipment and line installation on production flood in aseptic packing, the industrial complex has considerably expanded assortment. Now the company offers dairy products with realisation long terms at preservation of their useful properties.

- the Most important in struggle for the client - to support high quality. With reference to our production about it says already that fact that according to the federal law, the last year which has come into force in December, the product which is not containing natural raw materials in the structure, cannot be called as milk. On our packing as you can notice, the name remains former. And, of course, our consumers which number constantly grows can estimate high quality. The commodity market geography extends every year. Today we are presented in many regions of Russia, and also in the near abroad.

- For us it is important to bake something such that could surprise the buyer, - tells the deputy the general director on Open Society commerce the Almetyevsk bakery Gulija PATRASHOVA. Here, for example,   a national dish   baursak is our brand. More recently the enterprise began to let out malt rye fermented and not fermented. Today our production is presented in Bashkiria, Udmurtiya, the Orenburg region, Moscow. Here I should mention a problem of interaction of the enterprise with trading networks. We were repeatedly converted into bodies FAS with the request to check legality of an establishment of bonuses for occurrence in a network. I consider that for development of local manufacturers it is the most important problem which is necessary for solving together with all corresponding bodies of the state control and supervision.  

the Network too should develop

the Problem of interaction of manufacturers with trading networks already has had time to set the teeth on edge. When it, at last, will be resolved?

- Unfortunately, - explains Valentine popova, - under the operating federal legislation the ministries do not have corresponding powers for the decision of the given problem: we cannot interfere with commercial relations of the parties and dictate level of surcharges or the size of entrance bonuses. In this question the Federal Law on protection of a competition and the Constitution of the Russian Federation should be observed accurately.

In the end of the last year when crisis was reflected in the consumer market, the decision to find things in common between manufacturers and trading networks on socially significant production (bread, milk, eggs, boiled sausage, etc.) was accepted . Then together with Trading - industrial chamber RT had been developed an order of access of local production in large trading networks, will note: exclusively on a recommendatory basis. After long negotiations such order was accepted by five republican trading networks. From now on the ministry conducts weekly monitoring which shows full execution of the taken obligations.

Unfortunately, with federal trading networks of such interaction it was not possible to reach. It is connected, first of all, by that the executive management on places has no corresponding powers. We continue this work and now. I think, solve a problem acceptance of the corresponding federal law can only. Now has passed the first reading the project of the Federal law on state regulation of trading activity of the Russian Federation. I hope that the document will be accepted and in such kind which will arrange both parties.

- Let`s try look at this situation on the other hand, - Stanislav SATTAROV was converted to participants. - the Trading network is very convenient trade channel. He/she is such client who garantirovanno will return you money. In my opinion, here it is necessary to struggle not for cancellation of any bonuses or delays   payment, and for limitation of these bonuses. After all the network should develop. Yes, of course, in that case additional loading for bonuses lays down on the consumer. But after all and the buyer always has an alternative: it can follow products on the market, for example. And if to speak about manufacturers it is absolutely clear that all of them cannot be located on the market. For example, to Tatarstan today deliver the production more than 30 manufacturers. It is clear that the strongest will survive only.      

- it completely agree with this opinion, - has supported Valentine popova. - At cancellation or a low entrance bonus it turns out that the trading network is urged to incur costs (and after all it is necessary to pay the earned payment to the employees who are also inhabitants of our republic to pay taxes, utility bills, rent and dr). The state in this question asks trade enterprises   only to keep the prices at accessible level on socially significant products. In this connection to compensate costs retail trade it is urged at the expense of surcharges for other goods. It is the accepted practice in the international experience of conducting retail trade in market conditions.  

discussion of achievements and competition problems " Has come to the end; the Best goods tasting of production of its participants. Organizers and konkursanty once again recognised that products of Tatarstan are capable to win the most exacting buyer. Also a press - the centre diplomas from " have been handed solemnly over visitors; For the contribution to development of the food-processing industry and production advancement in the Russian market .

Following the results of 8 months 2009:

More than 70 percent in structure of trade RT (in more 10 thousand the enterprises realising articles of food) occupy the food products made in republic: bread, dairy production, sugar, vegetables.

In structure of sales in large trading networks articles of food RT on the average occupy 43 percent in assortment and 54 percent - in goods turnover (in 2008: 38 and 43 percent, accordingly).