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Films of week in Murmansk with Ruslanom Varenikom

Destination - 4

(director David Ellis)

to Indulge with the bony old woman at which a plait on a shoulder, and furthermore to interfere with its plans - business ungrateful. We have found out it in three previous parts. And here Nik O`Bennon with friends of it did not know (and has got characters of the fourth). About what in due course also has regretted. Cosy having settled down at stadium where at full speed there is ring auto racing of Nik, in the company of girl Lori, and friends Hunt and Janet, it is suddenly unexpected has begun to see clearly : all of us will die, and is terrible and tormenting. Young men a bullet have taken off from autodrome, having taken with itself to a heap still heels of gapers, and have appeared oh as are right.

After pair minutes the chain of inexplicable failures has led to numerous victims at stadium, exactly - in - exactly as that has come in dream O`Bennonu. The same whom has warned Nik and a hair from a head have not dropped. Wonderful rescue! However when all survived one after another began terrible image to fall into clutches to death with gratitude to Mr. O`Benonu does not remain also a trace. Here so a pancake rescue the people, rescue, and you neither reading and writing, nor badge GTO, and one damnations in a trace!

the Shot from a film Destination - 4
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Business 39

(director Christian Alvart)

the Psychologist from department of guardianship Emili Jenkins have filled up with work above a roof. In its desktop folder already 38 (!) Affairs. take one more the chief, " begs; and then ask that you want! to ask something from a management of Emili did not become, but work undertook. In a family Sullivan where it it was necessary to visit small and fragile Lillit terribly suffered affliction, being near to the rather strange parents. Ms. Jenkins, having rolled up sleeves, has begun to achieve their deprivation of the rights to the child. Also was in time just in time: one minute prior to visit of a social service ancestors have simply pushed Lillit in an oven and have included it on a total power. culinary the father and mum have placed in durku, and the babe before it will be sheltered by a new family, have given on education of Emili.

Pleasures of last were not a limit: and the child has rescued also houses it will not be lonely. But not without reason speak: in each child the small imp sits. Lillit Sullivan in this plan will give odds to all children of the world at once as there was it where strannee the parents. And in a bale from not finished affairs on a desktop of Ms. Jenkins, thirty ninth can become the last

the Shot from a film Business 39
the Photo: kinoafisha. com