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The mayor of Barnaul took in hands a shovel

Morning on September, 30th in the street Yurin has stood out roast. Extraordinary bright sun for autumn here there is nothing: work boiled. Passers-by from afar noticed extraordinary activity of people with shovels at avenue:

- That we sit down - that, children? - The pensioner in a hat has asked the ninth-graders bearing saplings of a poplar.

- the Tree! - they have responded chorus, setting topolek in the earth.

in the action we will plant a tree together schoolboys and students have taken part. In total have landed 55 saplings of a mountain ash, the Tatar maple and a pyramidal poplar. And together with youth and their teachers mayor Vladimir Kolganov was engaged in city gardening.

Wishing to take part in the action we will plant a tree together it has appeared more than saplings
the Photo: Michael KIRILIN

- Well, little girls, we will raise trees? - The head of administration of Barnaul undertook a shovel and has begun to help a flock of schoolgirls. - not only it is necessary to plant, namely to grow up.

has punished on the future: behind the tree to everyone to look. In total interested persons it has appeared more than saplings, - has come more than 2800 application forms for participation in the action. And till the end of autumn it is planned to land on city streets three more thousand green friends .

Vlidimir Kolganov: Not only it is necessary to plant a tree, namely to grow up
the Photo: Michael KIRILIN

And at this time

On Wednesday Vladimir Kolganov has visited the future kindergartens 254 and 255 which buildings are now on reconstruction. The new gardens located in Leninsk area, will accept everyone on 280 children. Civil work in each of them go according to plan and should come to the end by November, 25th and on December, 25th accordingly.

As a whole the mayor remained is happy with the seen. There were also some remarks: It is necessary to paint ogradki, to put in order adjoining territory that and outside all looked adequately. And by the end of this year as the chairman of city committee by training Alexander Artem has assured, in operation will hand over 4 more kindergartens. As a result, in 2009 in the gardens there should be 915 more places for doshkoljat.