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October: we cut and is dug

the Chairman of club Flower growers of Moscow Tatyana ZHASHKOVA: we Delete runaways

- October - the most suitable month to remove runaways at bearing fruit decoratively - blossoming bushes. These plants do not have necessity to cut off all branches, after all in the winter they will detain snow, it is enough to spend sanitary to a scrap. It is for this purpose deleted only the sick and hurt branches. Do not forget to coat a wound garden varom is a paste which contains the special components interfering development of infections from an adverse effect of air and an atmospheric moisture. It is possible to process these places usual zelenkoj. Remember that the cut is always gate for an infection, therefore it is better to treat it.

Now it is possible to cut off leaves at irises, we leave 15 - 20 sm from the earth, and a rhizome it is powdered by dry sand. Leaves a host, which else turn green on a site, it is possible not to touch. Them is better to cut off after the first frosts, differently after winter look they will not so aesthetically.

And here astibaldy and cereals costs will leave to winter without a hairdress that they decorated a garden. Leaves of peonies also should be cut off and cleaned from a site.

to Cover roses for the present very much early, these should be engaged more close by the end of month (in an ideal the temperature should fall to - 5 ). Do not cut off a plant. Any prishchipka or a scrap stimulates growth of runaways. It will weaken roses, and the next year they will blossom is worse.

Klematisy who do not demand scraps, we remove from support and also it is stacked in the protective tunnel which end faces need to be left opened that they were better aired. Only it is necessary to do it with approach of a steady cold snap.

At old landings of phloxes or astilb roots, therefore in due course become bare try zamulchirovat soil round plants a mix from compost, peat and sand in the autumn. In last dates at the first it is necessary to remove stalks that they did not spoil external appearance of a site. In the end of October it is possible to cut off day lilies.

Plants from a reservoir can be moved on wintering to a cool premise.

the Candidate selsko - economic sciences Alexander Kalinin: we Treat a garden

- leaving also is necessary for Trees. They should be cleared of a dying off bark in which usually hide on wintering of a larva of wreckers, and also from mosses and lichens. We process a plant a metal brush or the special adaptation for cleaning of trees, then we bleach a trunk garden whitewashing. Thus we protect trees from repeated new growths, attacks of wreckers and solar burns.

it is frequent gardeners - fans are mistaken, postponing a scrap of berry bushes till the spring. But this action does not suffer delays. For example, for qualitative currant scraps we cut off all runaway, without leaving hemp. For this purpose hardly we undermine a bush, we delete the hurt or sick branch, and then again we cover with earth.

Such manipulation to spend very difficultly as the earth is held down by a frost in the early spring. Fruit-trees with a view of preventive maintenance of various diseases can be processed one of copper preparations.

the Editor-in-chief of the newspaper yours 6 hundred parts Andrey of FOGS: we Prepare landing holes

- the Most successful time for landing of bushes is an autumn, and for saplings of trees - spring. If you have decided to land a plant now do not postpone this business on then. That the sapling has well got accustomed, time is necessary to it. Is better, if at it will be at least 2 - 3 weeks before steady frosts.

Postpone planting of trees with open root system till the spring and if you have already bought a sapling it it is quite good for the winter prikopat. For this purpose we prepare a hole, we place there roots, and a plant it is stacked horizontally on the earth. We cover roots with earth, it is necessarily watered, and under a sapling that it has better wintered, it is possible to put fur-tree branches or tablets. From its mice it is possible to wrap up with a grid and not bad also there to place the poisoned bait for rodents, she can be bought in any gardening centre.

it is quite good to prepare in October landing holes for the future garden. After all usually in the spring at summer residents and so affairs much, therefore it is necessary to do all in a hurry. And to place a tree in just prepared pole incorrectly, it should settle. Otherwise the sapling will have zaglublena a root neck, and it can affect fructification. From - for it unlucky summer residents on a broader scale can remain without a crop.


Forecasts for the weekend cloudy - it is cloudy and rainy. But to start October warmly enough. At the nights in Moscow and Moscow suburbs temperature +2... +5, in the afternoon +9... +11. Atmospheric pressure below norm, but a geomagnetic background quiet. Work and have a rest on health.