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The fan - Shuj - the forecast c 1 on October, 7th

on October, 1st, Thursday

the Dangerous day full of conflicts and threat from mechanisms. The only thing that can bring rest, - the work connected with water. The second promoter of day, the Rabbit, makes up on you for laziness.

on October, 2nd, Friday

Even more dangerous day, than yesterday. All misfortunes can join and acts of nature. In what do not interfere, remain at home with a family. Love petty intrigues today not in a favour.

on October, 3rd, Saturday

Day of End. Today favorably to finish important issues and to begin the new. It is especially good to be engaged in planning or to leave in travel.

on October, 4th, Sunday

Day of augmentation of treasures and a lucky star. In such day it is not necessary to have a rest, be engaged in business in which want to succeed, - you will be helped by all elements.

on October, 5th, Monday

Protect the purse: that you today we will get, for certain never is useful to you. Be careful with parties: you can tell superfluous, and it will have unpleasant continuation.

on October, 6th, Tuesday

this day you can change the life to the best. Do not pay attention to other people, concentrate on achievement of the purpose.

on October, 7th, environment

the Beginning of a season of Cold dew when clearly you feel approach of winter. It is necessary to reduce consumption of sharp, crude and cold food, ginger and garlic, and also chicken meat. Protect a liver, it will be weakened the whole month. In 18 - j day of a season it is impossible to travel, and in 20 - j it is necessary.