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We have a rest in AVENTURA PARC from October, 1 till October, 8th

Aventura Parc
street Giocheilor, 1
Tickets: 20 - 30 leev
a park Operation mode in everyday life with 11. 00 to 21. 00, on Saturday and resurrection with 12. 00 to 22. 00
the Day off: Monday
www. aventuraparc. md

In AVENTURA PARC you always will have a rest, and children without fear will entrust skilled operators who watch closely kids.
on Saturdays, AVENTURA PARC opens the doors for youth which considers that life is a movement and are interested in extreme sports.

clowns - wait for children on Sundays and amuse not only kids, but also adults. In Park the photographer always works, qualitative photos in some minutes will remind you of unusual sensations and pleasant minutes of rest.
AVENTURA PARC carries out weekly actions which constantly collect a considerable quantity of keen people and spectators. Friday the Bearded joke drawing the attention of adult population of Kishinev, whose experience already allows to battle in knowledge on the most ridiculous joke and to win a beer box. Various competitions and quizes, with prizes and gifts for children and adults involve people in AVENTURA PARC on target and various celebratory dates.