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Marina Mogilevsky: When I paint on a summer residence a fence, problems recede by itself!

one of the most beautiful actresses of our theatre and cinema, Marina Mogilevsky, has managed suit beauty and round itself. Namely - on a summer residence. And, will not believe, the hands!

- Marina, comes to an end a summer season, tell, how you have spent it?

is a summer for me has stood out heavy, as well as all year, however, therefore on a summer residence I appeared very seldom. One week ago I have played to the prime minister of performance the Blues of the lonely butterfly under the play of Italian classic Aldo Nikolays. For me it is very important work because for the first time for mine 20 - summer career all action keeps only on my character. It is history of the woman which wanted from life much in summary remained alone with the imaginations. Performance rehearsals went two and a half a month, and now at me free week has stood out, and I could go, of course, where - nibud to have a rest - abroad, for example. But I know that for me the best rest than to be closed and take pleasure on the favourite summer residence, no!

- How it occurs?

- the Most non-standard! I have recoloured the house, itself have recoloured an arbour...

- Wait - wait, you do it with own hand and name rest?

- it is natural! You understand, for me the summer residence is good not only that, what is it a place which is in the open air. And not only that the summer residence at me on a broader scale in itself very beautiful also gives to me aesthetic pleasure. And on me it is good also physical work possibility. For me it is the best rest because when I do something physically, let us assume, I paint a fence I absolutely dismiss all problems where - that at this time they disappear.

- you like to spend time on a summer residence?

- I in last arrival have stayed exactly week on the fazende thus left yesterday to play performance to Moscow, leaving with a huge reluctance. And, represent, all partners in statement when me have seen, unanimously began to ask: You had a rest on the sea? it because that I have unusually freshened up, I had a beautiful country sunburn which as it has appeared, from sea differs nothing! Plus the eutrophy has affected.

- Correct - what from a bed?

- it is unconditional! I have planted at myself a raspberry, a gooseberry, strawberry beds. I can not tell that seriously and teleologically in it I am engaged, but at me is small ogorodik. Very much it is pleasant to me, when it is possible so to go and break here something - the same fennel, a fresh cucumber. It absolutely other taste, other sensations and other perception of a product. After all in the open air absolutely on - to another it is eaten, other appetite. On a summer residence I do not eat fat and sweet, there is no desire. I eat salads, fruit, cheeses... The summer residence has to eutrophy!

- I See, you the convinced summer resident ! And a leah for a long time to it a steel?

- Is not present, the summer residence at me has appeared 4 years ago thanks to my big friend - to remarkable actor Vladimir Abramovich Dolinsky. He with the spouse when - that has bought a site in charming, in my opinion, a place. I have gone to them on a visit to look, and as fortunately, one more was on sale, last! It so was pleasant to me that I have decided to buy. It was for me the step because I was not the summer resident in the childhood, then, it as - that has passed by. Now I make up for the missed (laughs).

is the firstborn ?

- Yes, it is the first my summer residence made my hands, my imaginations and my love to this place. I have understood that I like to dig in the earth, to put florets, to look after trees. For the summer in May I always buy begonias. Very much it is pleasant to me, as they blossom: brightly - yellow, it is bright - red flowers! They at me are in flowerpots and huge baskets. It gives a certain charm, when flowers not only in beds. Yesterday - the day before yesterday, for example, I put sectional   chrysanthemums because them put at this particular time, and the next year they will be big - very big. It is all to me the huge pleasure because it clears my brain strongly loaded by different problems gives.

- a leah you Adhered to any style in summer residence registration?

- I thought out the site together with the designer. Has asked, that at me all summer season something blossomed - every month. It has executed this problem. At me the summer residence is made in style of the country. It is a wattled fence, checkered it is red - white curtains, it is a lot of on a site of other any wattled things - small baskets, for example. In the house wooden heavy oak furniture. Besides,   a well, specially podstarennyj, artificial prudik, surrounded with lilies of three colours - white, pink and red.   by the way, on them it is possible to define weather: if suddenly they in the middle of day were closed, there will be a rain.

For me the summer residence is the best rest because gives the sea of pleasant sensations. Here right now I go to the Vladimir Dolinsky favourite to the neighbour, and we will drink tea with jam which I have welded from a gooseberry which itself has grown up. Unless it not a charm?!



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