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In Altay territory restoration of roads

In connection with increase gruzonaprjazhennosti proceeds and necessity for highway reconstruction at level   has arisen increase of requirements to traffic safety; modern requirements to highways.

the road cloth of highways Barnaul - the Stone - on - Ob - border of the Novosibirsk region   During the current year is restored; (28 - 38 km)   and   Pavlovsk - Rebriha - Bukansky (15 - 25 km).

are the most intensive regional roads of Altay territory, - the chief of State Unitary Enterprise " speaks ; Society for the Promotion of Motoring and Road Improvement Sergey TOLSTENEV. - They connect a number of significant agricultural areas of the edge, the next regions, Kazakhstan and have the major economic, economic and social value.

the assistant to the governor of Altay territory Jacob Ishutin, the head of department of Altay territory also have taken part In solemn opening on transport, a road economy and communication Victor Davidov, the chief WITH KGU Altajavtodor Alexander Savchenko, the chief of traffic police across Altay territory Peter Bogomolov, the head of Pavlovsk area Vladimir Popov. They have thanked workers dorozhno - the building managements participating in restoration of roads, having noted certificates of honour and letters of thanks the done work.

Local population and motorists have already estimated quality of a road cloth.

- For inhabitants of Pavlovsk area it is valid a great occasion! - Vladimir Popov marks. - we have received two sites of absolutely new road. Now journey to regional capital becomes for us to more comfortable.

Traditional cutting of a red tape has passed under signals of driving cars
the Photo: Lydia ARISTARHOVA


On a site Barnaul - the Stone - on - Ob - border of the Novosibirsk region it is laid in an earthen cloth:

- more than 130 thousand   sq. m   a ground;
- 12 thousand in sq. m of sand;
- 20 thousand   sq. m of rubble in the basis;
- 15 thousand tons hot asfaltobetona

On a site of Pavlovsk - Rebriha - Bukansky is laid in an earthen cloth:

- more than 45 thousand   sq. m of a ground;
- 35 thousand   sq. m   Inert materials in the basis;
- 15 thousand tons hot asfaltobetonnoj mixes.