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On what exhibitions of Kishinev to descend from October, 1 till October, 8th

the National museum of archeology and history of Moldova
street on August, 31st 1989, 121ΰ, ph. 24 04 26
the Day off: Friday
the ticket Price: adults - 5 leev, students - 2 leja, pupils - 1 pour; B
Foreign visitors: adults - 15 leev, students and pupils - 10 leev. www. nationalmuseum. md

the Constant historical exposition of a museum.
the exposition subjects cover the extensive period from times of a paleolith to 50 - h years of the XX-th century. The exhibition includes more than 3 thousand the valuable archaeological, historical and ethnographic subjects, some of the presented exhibits are unique. The attention of visitors is involved with such valuable exhibits as: bronze a sword and axes - Celts XV - X centuries d. D.C.; helmets, ponozhi and the lamp from the Olaneshtsky treasure VI - IV centuries d. D.C.; the bronze medieval guns found in Old Orhee; an armour and the weapon of the Middle Ages - chain armours, helmets, a halberd, arbalet; the Moldavian icons of XVIII century; subjects of a rural and city life of XIX century Important addition of an exposition are maps, graphic works and art subjects.

a diopama “ JAssko - the Kishinev operation “
the Diopama reproduces the events of the Second World War occurring in territory of Republic Moldova in the summer of 1944 On the sizes, scales of the image it surpasses widely known diopamas, such as “ Storm of Sapun - mounts “ in Sevastopol, “ Fight for Kiev “ etc.
the Cloth, the size 45 m at length and 11 m height, reproduce a picture of fight at with. Leushen in all its awesome greatness. The sensation of direct participation in events strengthens 14 - the metre natural plan consisting of real subjects - the anti-tank weapon, cartridge and snarjadnyh boxes, the weapon, regimentals and equipment.

“Tezaur“ - “Treasury“
the Exposition acquaints with an interesting collection of numismatics, medalernogo arts and faleristiki. It includes subjects of cults, ornaments and the separate samples of a cold steel executed from precious metals.