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Has shown a chest - here it, to glory a way

Frank dresses, ten obnazhenok in glossy magazines and from fifty immodest bed scenes - all it yet does not guarantee to the modern actress of a rank sex - a symbol. In Soviet period at times was on a fraction of a second to show in a shot a chest (the most usual, not silicone) enough and to wake up erotic dream of all men of the USSR in the morning.

Crew of bed fighting

In 1973 Olga Ostroumova became a star almost the erotic scene first in the Soviet cinema. A film And dawns here silent became the leader of hire not only thanks to thin dramatic art. In a bath with participation of several absolutely naked girls led by the beauty Eugene (it Ostroumova) the country was ready to reconsider and reconsider a long episode - alas, videos then yet have not invented. But heroic pathos has brought sexual implied sense of a film to nothing. Occurrence of the present sex - a symbol was necessary to wait as early as six years.

In this time the spectator was indulged with Svetlana with VOLUMES the Camp leaves in the sky Elena KORENEVOJ ( the Romance about enamoured ), Irina MAZURKEVICH ( Skaz how tsar Peter arapa married ) - Each of actresses abided to some extent razdetosti. But all has outdone left in 79 - m Crew which has presented the first high-grade pretender to a rank sex - a symbol.   the young native of Kaliningrad of Alexander Ivanes - Jakovleva which at the last minute have replaced on shootings Elena Proklovu in a role of flight attendant Tamara has appeared it. A hot bed scene with Leonid Filatovym, flavoured with a fashionable son of lumiere and a front line shooting through an aquarium, became break in difficult relations of the Soviet cinema and a sensuality. A leah it is necessary to say that Crew became a cash hit, and Jakovleva - the megapopular actress. And in spite of the fact that obnazhenkoj Alexander`s public any more did not indulge (except for semihints in the Person from parkway of Capuchins ) On films with its participation spectators brought down crowds. Even change of a surname after a marriage on Aasmjae has not struck on a rating of the actress. Has struck on it disorder of the Union and the Soviet cinema. Alexander has said goodbye to cinema and has turned, as if the heroine the Office romance in obshchestvennitsu Shuru . Was the chairman of committee concerning culture and tourism of Kaliningrad and vitse - the mayor of a native city. And then Jakovleva - Aasmjae has changed from aviacrew in railway, having held large fast in Russian Railway structures.

Alexander Jakovleva - Aasmjae which have played in Crew flight attendant Tamara (a shot at the left), became the first presents sex - a symbol of the Soviet cinema. Now (the shot above) holds of Alexander Evgenevna a large post in structures of the Russian Railway and looks suitably.


Belief and clothes

In the beginning 80 - h the spectator was already uneasy to shock with the female body which has flashed for an instant: Svetlana KRJUCHKOVA, and GLAGOLEV`S Belief, bared in to Relatives and to marry the captain accordingly, lauruses Jakovlevoj have not got. Even Elena SAFONOVA, in superpopular to the Winter cherry (1985) long wandering naked on the screen, has been conceived easy. And here Tatyana DOGILEVA, in the Forgotten melody for a flute appeared in bed with the same Leonid Filatovym, has bypassed all competitors. Has again worked partnership with Filatovym which involuntarily have taken a hand by a birth two bright Soviet sex - symbols.

our cinema is closer to the end of decade was liberated definitively and has given out on - a mount the main thing sex - a dish - Small Belief . Worthiness of it on - to the present of a strong film has overshadowed   the scene which has surpassed Crew and on a broader scale everything that was on the Soviet screens earlier. For the country where could plant even for viewing the Greek fig the Belief skipping astride the partner was the present porno. Even that Natalia negoda who has played a leading role a year before has shown the chest in a film Tomorrow there was a war public for outbursts of Belief has not prepared. But in the West Negoda has turned to a symbol of the power which have dumped fetters, has served to shootings in the Playboy and participations in delivery ceremony Oscar .  

Having tried to change image by means of a role in the next film of the author Beliefs Vasily Pichula In a city of Sochi dark nights it has become successful, but only creative - the spectators, thirsting new portions of furious sex, a picture have given a cold reception. And Natalia has jerked for ocean, has married, has settled in Los - Andzhelese, occasionally acting in film in ordinary pictures. But then nevertheless has returned to Moscow and has remembered the drama talent, having played a leading role in a picture the Tambourine, a drum representing Russia at recent festival in Locarno.

Today in serious drama actress Natalia Negode uneasy to learn bright small Belief .


By the Doughnut nickname

the Decline of the Soviet empire became a dawn kinoobnazhenki . After Small Belief any taboos to remember even it was awkward. The erotic subjects were developed by the whole galaxy of actresses: Irina SHMELEV (undressed in to the Trap for the lonely man ), Olga KABO ( Two arrows the Comedy about Lisistrate ), Natalia LAPINA ( the Ruansky maiden by a nickname the Doughnut ), Oksana FANDERA ( Fools die on Fridays ), Irina ROZANOVA ( Bindjuzhnik and the king ) .

Rozanova, Fandera and Kabo have passed less uncompromising to roles, having found itself in new roles, actively acting in film in serials. Irina Shmelev has emigrated to the USA, but unlike Negody to come back does not hurry, working on Russian-speaking TV. Natalia Lapina too has left for ocean and though rotates in an emigrant film party of Los - Andzhelesa, has ceased to act in film. a doughnut trained for a new profession in the singer, and a genre in which it works, - the cleanest Russian chanson. Estimate names of songs: Sestrenochka the Sigarette Mentjarochka . However, judging by impressions of our correspondent of meetings with Natalia, ambitions of an erotic star in it still are in full swing.

After all were sex - symbols, as well as the former Olympic champions, do not happen...

Natalia Lapina and continues to maintain to the present day an image seductive ruanskoj Doughnuts from the film with the same name 80 - h (a shot below).



And as one we will die in struggle for it!

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