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In GIMS traded in the rights to driving of boats and boats

Only - only in Perm have got criminal case on employees of regional traffic police who sold to the drivers deprived of the rights for drunk driving and other heavy, new rights.

And yesterday it became known that in regional GIMS (the State inspection on small size vessels) without problems could buy the certificate on the right of management of the small size vessel - a boat or a boat.

On a broader scale - to receive such water the rights, it is necessary to be disaccustomed on courses (the same as learn to operate the car), there is it from 4 to 15 thousand roubles. And after courses - to pass examinations in GIMS and to acquire the certificate for the driving right. But the chain could be reduced...

Short the scheme is described on a site of the Ural investigatory management on transport of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation which has brought action.

So, the happy owner of a brand new boat was converted in GIMS - a pier as to me is right to receive. Therefrom it directed to one of engaged paid educational institutions where without any employment, for money, to it handed over the certificate on passage of courses. After that certificated the cadet came back in GIMS for passing an examination. Also passed a test, in spite of the fact that answers in tests did not correspond to ticket number .

to Buy the rights it is possible was for 1000 - 3500 roubles. Field investigators have counted more than ten facts of sale.

Criminal case have raised on employee GIMS and one director of an institution where learn to driving on small size vessels.

But inspectors suspect that employee GIMS who, by the way, occupies one of supervising posts, was in collusion with the several organisations training to navigation.

- We confirm that criminal case is got on our employee, - the head tells a press - services GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on the Perm edge Valery Tiunov. - a leah it Is guilty, we cannot tell, it will solve court but if it is valid so then we will tell thanks inspectors.