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How to defeat barreness

About it there was a conversation behind a round table in St.-Petersburg .

we halve a misfortune

the Newly-married couple dream of the kid. Passes the year, two, and the baby all are not present. And whom blame for barreness? Certainly, the woman!

- And it is an error! Because   in half of cases of barreness the reason in the man, - begins conversation director Severo - the Western institute of andrology the doctor of medical sciences Vladimir Mirsky. -   The matter is that at us   at men of disease of urinogenital system come to light late.

Vladimir Mirsky

Employees of our institute have carried investigation of seventy thousand   the Petersburg boys from the first class in six disctricts of the city. Also it was found out that on one thousand person on the average 153 teenagers need visitation androloga.   And with the years the quantity of young men with problems grows in reproductive function.

If men were surveyed in time and have begun treatment, at us would be much less than unfortunate married couples.

Here to you will help to become parents

About barreness it is possible to speak, if after a year of regular sexual life of steam cannot conceive the child.

- As a rule, the woman starts to go on gynecologists. And it can   to hang in female consultation for some years, - gets into conversation   managing branch of reproductive clinic   Ava - PETER Alla Kalugina. - Meanwhile to pass inspection both spouses should necessarily. If the husband pig-headed also does not want to go to clinic analyses can be brought and from the house. For example, in our clinic doctors also perfect psychologists.

Vladislav Korsak

So husbands quickly like importance of inspection and treatment that brings excellent result.

- It would be desirable to pay attention that even more often to us women for 37 years come, - Alla Kalugina continues. - And doctors not always are elderly in forty years even can help to become the woman mother. Therefore to the weaker sex behind medical aid about 35 years are better to be converted.

It is necessary to mean, what even provided that the married couple passes the most serious inspection by the advanced methods, the diagnosis is frequently put only in three months! In clinic Ava - PETER to spouses effective treatment is spent. Doctors here create literally miracles. As a result to conceive the child it turns out at those pairs which under all laws of the nature did not have before any chances!

For example if at the woman even it is removed jaichnik, to it place donor jajtsekletki. The sister either other relative or the extraneous woman can become the donor. The requirement - excellent health and presence of children is obligatory.

As to the future fathers, if at the man disabled sperm,   doctors will take spermatozoidy and will impregnate jajtsekletku wives. As a last resort, it is possible to resort and to a donor variant.

Alla Kalugina

By the way if fathers are not present on a broader scale, and is converted into clinic the lonely woman it can conceive the child by means of donor sperm.

At special indicators the substitute motherhood is used also.

Many patients stirs, a leah differs technique EKO in Ava - PETER from the European standards?

- Practically is not present, - Alla Kalugina responds. - And if to take the end result, that is a birth of kids, this number from us above, than in the European countries. Abroad percent of conception more than 38 percent, and at us above 45.

Clinic Ava - PETER has won good glory not only in our city and other cities of Russia, whence there come the future parents behind long-awaited offspring.

quite often here find parental happiness and visitors from far abroad. After all and quality medical service here very high, and the prices   below the European.

Health by right of succession

the President of the Russian association of a reproduction of the person, the doctor of medical sciences Vladislav Korsak   has told that in 2007 two clinics Ava - PETER and the International centre of reproductive medicine   the city order for treatment female both man`s barreness and carrying out EKO on 450 married couples has been received. After its carrying out   201 kid was born. This result exceeds the all-European norms!

In many European countries EKO it is spent free of charge. For example, in Finland   the woman has the right to three attempts EKO, in Slovenia - on four, and in Belgium - on six.

the Number of children conceived in a test tube, grows every year in a geometrical progression.

Vladislav Baranov

  If in 2005 of such kids was two million already twice it is more.

- We should pass the law on protection of reproductive health, - Vladislav Korsak offers, - and we have already submitted the offers to the Petersburg Legislative Assembly.

How to make that the baby was born the healthy? First of all parents should be the healthy.

- I would advise to all future parents to pass   mediko - genetic consultation and   genetic inspection, - Vladislav Baranov, main genetik St.-Petersburg, a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the head   speaks; laboratories prenatalnoj (antenatal) diagnostics of hereditary and congenital illnesses of scientific research institute of obstetrics and gynecology of a name of Otta. Without fail it should be passed to pregnant women for 35 years, to women who already gave birth to the sick child,   if in a family   there are hereditary diseases.

it is necessary to pass genetic test if in a sort were a diabetes, a hypertension, an ischemic heart trouble, a bronchial asthma, varikoznoe expansion of veins and other illnesses to which your attending physician will pay attention.

Prenatalnoe fruit inspection will help to define the most serious diseases at yet not born kid:   developmental anomalies of a skeleton, an internal, a brain, it is warm - vascular system, illness of Down and other hereditary illnesses.

the Decision on interruption of pregnancy in case of serious illness   at a fruit the woman accepts independently after consultation of the doctor - genetikom by results of antenatal diagnostics. However it is not necessary to despair! After all at the following pregnancy the kid can be healthy.

Anastas Nilov


Health begins with trifles

the General director of official representative office   WINALITE in St.-Petersburg Anastas NILOV:

- Frequently the woman becomes fruitless of - for the latent infections and elementary not observance of rules of hygiene. And in it there are no trifles. For example, it is necessary to be in earnest about a choice of linings very much. To the touch the lining should be soft, its cover - from a superfine cotton, any rigid synthetics. Why our linings remain dry?

If to open a protective layer inside it is possible to see the smallest wadded balls which fine absorb in itself a moisture and will transform it to gel. The low layer also passes air. For example, in a cotton surface of the linings made by our firm, it is built in anionovyj the chip. It generates   condensed aniony which allow to eliminate bacteria and unpleasant smells, without calling any collateral actions. Also linings should be laid in tight, easily opening packing from a foil. Remember: dryness, cleanliness and   comfort - pledge of your health.


inspection Methods: from simple to difficult

by such principle your way if there is a suspicion on the diagnosis " begins; barreness . First of all - research of a hormonal background, an exception of inflammatory processes, ultrasonic research of bodies of a small basin. At the husband also it is necessary to exclude inflammatory diseases of sexual sphere and to estimate indicators spermogrammy. If at this stage of inspection deviations resort to more difficult methods, quite often operative, directed on a passableness estimation matochnyh pipes, an exception of pathological changes of a mucous membrane of a cavity of a uterus (endometrija), interfering pregnancy approach do not come to light.

it is important

Obligatory analyses for mum after 35 - detailed researches of a fruit:

- ultrasonic on 11 - j and 20 - j to week;

- the test for definition of biochemical indicators;

- the analysis okoloplodnyh waters or the blood of the child taken from an umbilical cord (for definition, a leah is not present at the child of a syndrome of Down). On early terms (if there is no abortion threat) take away a tiny part of a placenta for syndrome definition;

- on late terms carefully trace palpitation and movements of the child to supervise its status.