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Kadyrov has defeated legal experts Moscow

On Tuesday the Tver court of Moscow has decided to collect from the head of the remedial centre the Memorial Oleg Orlova of 20 thousand roubles in favour of Ramzana Kadyrov. The centre as the public organisation, will enrich the head of the Chechen Republic for 50 thousand. The court has counted, what exactly Kadyrov`s unfair charges in its participation in murder known Chechen pravozashchitnitsy and employees " so much stand; the Memorial Natalias Estemirovoj.

Natalia Estemirova has been stolen in Grozny on July, 15th this year, and by the evening its corpse with bullet apertures has been found out in frontier Ingushetia with the Chechen Republic. Then Oleg Orlov has made statements in which has laid blame for murder of the subordinate on the president of the Chechen Republic. Kadyrov has brought an action, which has taken out on Tuesday quite predskazumoe the decision: no proofs of participation of Kadyrov in a crime are present. Hence, it anything other, as The data discrediting honour, worthiness and business reputation heads of the Chechen Republic.

Legal expert Orlov a judgement remained is dissatisfied and has promised to appeal against against it. Thus it is ready to go up to the end: Any doubts, we will appeal against against this decision though we do not doubt that our complaint will not be satisfied also we we will be converted into the European court - he has told to journalists, making comments on process results.

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