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Hold a rhythm

To me have put   the diagnosis vibrating aritmija . It yet too disturbs me, but all - taki what is this illness?

Andrey G

- Vibrating aritmija is an infringement of a rhythm of heart, at which   there is a chaotic reduction of muscular fibres of auricles. Duration of warm cycles   has casual character. The person can sometimes not notice at all that at it the warm rhythm has changed and to feel only easy discomfort. But more often the attack is felt in the form of sudden palpitation. If frequency of reduction zheludochkov is very great, there is a general weakness, dizziness, a subconscious state, and sometimes and consciousness loss. Vibrating aritmija can sometimes become the reason of sharp warm insufficiency, especially at available change of structure of heart. The most frequent complication aritmii - education of blood clots in the left auricle. Hit of these blood clots in a brain leads to stroke development, and it happens often enough.

- At me a bradycardia.   a leah dangerously it and how it is treated?

Marina Aleksandrovna.

  - the Bradycardia is a decrease in frequency of a rhythm of heart: less than 60 blows in a minute. It   can lead to infringements of blood supply of a cerebral cortex and consciousness loss. Decrease in frequency of a warm rhythm is frequent does not give possibility to use preparations. In these cases   implantation kardiostimuljatora is required. It   malotravmatichnaja procedure. Modern devices weigh 25 - 50 grammes and can minister till fifteen years, and sometimes and longer.

-   To me suggest to put kardiostimuljator. But I something doubt. It is very expensive?

Alexander Matveevich.

- I Want you to calm, if the doctor advises to you to perform operation, possibly, there are powerful bases. There are accurate enough indications to this operation, painted on points. Operation in our city   the free. It is included into the program of hi-tech treatment which is paid from the federal or city budget. The patient should not pay neither for operation, nor for kardiostimuljator, for abiding in hospital. Certainly, if the patient wants   to lie in separate chamber with the TV he should pay for comfortable conditions.

- At me a stenocardia and hypertensive illness. Recommend operation kateternym a method. But I am afraid: to me 70 years. A leah not too I is old for operation?

Lyudmila Pavlovna.

-   Age - not contra-indication to operation if there are no accompanying diseases. We had patients and for 80 years and even 92 years. As a rule, kateternye operations do not demand difficult anaesthesia and malotravmatichny. Certainly, changes in vessels, an aorta, heart valves raise risk of operation, but it is not essential. Is more important possibility to affect on pathological process in heart. At advanced age of change can be already considerable, and operation is less effective.

- At my five years` daughter too frequent rhythm of heart. There were 120 blows in a minute, then became 95. A leah dangerously it?

Marina Konstantinova.

is normal rate for five years. Make to the girl ultrasonic research of heart. If is not present   any changes of heart to the cardiologist it is possible to come unless behind the inquiry into sports section.

- Tell, and a leah exists an original cardiological diet? What it is better to eat to the person with heart troubles?


- to the Person, suffering affliction diseases warmly - vascular system, the so-called Mediterranean diet is recommended. These are seafood, greens, fruit. Fish, only not fried, but baked or boiled. Nuts and dried apricots are useful also. It is necessary to abstain from a potato and fried food. If you do not have other diseases in a small amount it is possible to drink dry red wine.

- At me were   heart troubles. I want to get the child. A leah warm illnesses from mother to the kid can be descended?

Irina Zhukov.

- Certainly, to you   it is necessary to receive medical treatment. It is necessary to do fruit ultrasonic   during pregnancy. For pregnant women with cardiological problems there is a specialised maternity home. There skilled doctors will watch a current of sorts and will make all necessary that the kid was born the healthy.   if necessary to you can make and Cesarean section.

Also it will be necessary to watch over health of the kid since its most birth.