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Leah is an exit from an energy crisis?

that officially the power is today under steadfast attention of the government (the Decree of the President of Russian Federation N 889 About some measures on increase of power and ecological efficiency of the Russian economy the Project of the Federal law About the power savings and increase of power efficiency the budgetary message of the President about the budgetary policy during the period with 2010 for 2012 and etc.) Unfortunately, yet does not speak about real successes in this branch. The equipment of existing power stations is worn extremely out, and in their upgrade hardly it is possible to consider level of investment of means on a broader scale level .

the Bright and cruel example attention executive power of all levels to present problems of power station there was a failure on youngish Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION on August, 17th. Rather doubtful arguments of the governmental commission about the seismic activity which has called failure on   power stations , hardly can hide the true reason: the power station equipment technically and morally obsolete and is not supported in a status demanded for security.

the question on a technical status of a domestic atomic power station is not less critical. The average generation yet has not forgotten the shock tested after explosion of the reactor of the Chernobyl atomic power station. And after all this power station at all was not one of the worst. But memory of directing bodies is shorter, and modern the atomic power station, as a matter of fact, reminds today a bomb with the got mechanism more.

However, power stations with their problems are only a part of the system which have come practically in full decline of an electrical supply. Abstracting from considerable complexities high-voltage LEP, it is possible to assert confidently that bolshego a brothel, than in the main networks of an electrical supply of inhabited and industrial buildings to find hard even in domestic political system. In comparison with level perfections transformer stations and electric communications even in big cities of the country of a problem of power station seem absolutely insignificant. And suburbs and the more so the remote villages on a broader scale are godforsaken also our government. It is difficult to consider quality of the electric power received by consumers on a broader scale as quality as not always the submitted pressure close to 180 - 200 In, here is considered not simply norm, and exclusive luck.

to believe that in the near future the government will manage to find means for upgrade even city electric systems, the absolute optimist or the person with inadequate thinking can only. And our country houses for certain should be gained, establishing the generator or power station for the blood. Here it is necessary to notice that the independent generator for suburbs and villages is today not only optimum, but also the unique solution of a problem of reception of the qualitative electric power. In most cases even the petrol power station (taking into account the present prices for fuel) shortly pays back itself, and diesel power stations or   gazoturbinnye installations   Allow to forget about problems with an electricity for many years. But the main positive there is an absolute autonomy and quality of the electric power which makes the power station generator.

as a matter of fact, using petrol or diesel   generators   as an electric power source, today it would be possible to solve not only an electrical supply problem in suburbs and villages. Co-opting on some city apartment houses in one independent system of electromaintenance, zapitannuju from one powerful diesel power station, real possibility of a solution of a problem if not in scales of the whole city, then in most " is given; difficult areas. And power efficiency of independent power stations at anybody does not raise today the doubts.