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In Perm the bookkeeper not to divide apartment and children, has reserved the ex-husband

When on October, 1st in the evening husband Sergey has not returned from work, in a family the alarm has begun: 41 - summer wife Tatyana, the son and a daughter - teenagers - rang round native and familiar. And next day have gone to write the application in militia about poterjashke. Children, naturally what did not guess, and here the wife... It has already received from the killer whom itself and has employed, photos of the killed husband and its documents as acknowledgement: the order is executed.

Quarrels in a family of Petrovyh have begun still about five years ago. Two kiddies, the son and a daughter, and wife Tatyana, the bookkeeper of one of the Perm restaurants, since morning till the night on work grew up. The husband went to shop behind products with children, he behind lessons at - looks, in general, all life lay on man`s shoulders. All is to Sergey it was necessary to combine with work in GAI.

- Sergey Petrovich - the affable cheerful man, will always greet, the word kind will tell, always with children, the son 17 - summer the car learns to drive, and here its wife almost did not see - it worked, but manicure... And always at parade, - in a voice neighbours in an entrance speak. - and one year ago she has bought silvery Toyota the husband - that it on to the seven goes.

Matter of course, in a family where mum appeared to spend the night only, quarrels flashed, and one year ago spouses all - taki have put an end in relations - have divorced.

One of these days there was a court by definition of a residence of children where Petrov have accurately explained: exchange the apartment and then we will solve with whom children to live. The family lives in Zakamske, in a small three-room flat on the ground floor. At exchange of the general living space that Tatyana - one-room apartment could receive a maximum. After some days after court the bookkeeper that it is more favourable to to solve this problem, has dared to do simply the husband in.

the Woman was converted to the old acquaintance. According to some information, it is the car mechanician who when - that repaired its car. The artful wife has passed it a photo of the husband, advance payment of 30 thousand (50 thousand more promised to pay after) and has in detail told, where and when there is a former spouse.

This very day the killer was in militia, and for Tatyana have established round-the-clock shadowing. Execution the order have planned for October, 1st. To the shocked husband field investigators have told about a preparing crime. Murder proofs should be dramatized - have for this purpose got ketchup and have covered with it Sergey. This photo also have shown to Tatyana.

- the Suspect have detained, criminal case under article " is brought; Preparation and the organisation of murder from mercenary promptings - the head of investigatory department on the Kirov area of Perm Victor Tarasov has informed. - Punishment - from 8 till 20 years of imprisonment or a life imprisonment. And here presence at the suspect of two minor children can consider court as softening circumstance.

Names and surnames of heroes are changed in the interests of the investigation.