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The Russian antiviruses do not treat, and will cripple

what Russia - the native land of cyberswindlers, have found out   experts of company Sophos which are engaged in researches in area the Internet - securities. According to analysts, the quantity of counterfeit antiviruses for a year has grown more than in 100 times. In 1 - m quarter 2009 it is revealed 111 thousand such psvedoprogramm against 1 thousand year before. The cybercriminals trading in forgeries, gain to 34 million dollars a month!

As technical director ESET (this company lets out антивируc NOD32) Grigory Vasilev has explained, swindlers simply earn. They start advertising of the fakes through partner programs (for example, RefreshStats and Topsale), on which number Russia also on the first place. Travelling on the Network, the user finds the advertised program which suggests free to check up the computer on presence of viruses. Then skanner informs on detection of a considerable quantity of harmful programs, for which treatment it is necessary to establish the offered anti-virus decision - a fake. For downloading У fejkovogo an antivirus У   it is required to send SMS on specified number that manages approximately in 10 dollars. Further or the user remains with what, or downloads the program which not only not only treats its computer, but also, to the contrary, can do it harm, for example, becoming an intermediate link for occupancy of other viruses from Intrentera.

If on the personal computer already there is a qualitative present antivirus, it, most likely, will not admit installation of such program on the computer. But how to understand - the present antivirus is established or   a fake?   many after all prefer to download piracy programs, instead of to pay for legal copies.

For definition, a leah a real antivirus at you, it is necessary   To be verified with the list of the recommended antiviruses of company Microsoft. Recently has been published such   for new operating system Windows 7. Antiviruses have entered Into it   companies ESET, Symantec, McAfee and others.