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In the Harmony the forward plays - sladkoezhka

Slovak attacking Roman Kukumberg became one of the first beginners, passed in the Tolyatti club in inter-season period. And already now from the charming smiling hockey player the Tolyatti fans without mind. In 10 matches of Kukumberg nakolotil the whole 5 washers! Though, apparently, the forward does not differ outstanding dimensions. Kukumberg the beret takes not power struggle, and cunning and a goal scent. In to the Harmony the Novel has come from Slovak club Slovan . There - that it also has won glory bombardira. In 56 matches of Kukumberg has thrown 17 washers and has made 38 goal passes - statistics, you see, impressing.

- In Slovane there was a quite good season, but in the middle of it I have broken a hand, half a year did not play,   - tells the attacking. - after the termination of the championship at me the contract has ended, and new nobody has offered. Then to me offers from Russia have arrived. At me was two variants of continuation of career, but I have chosen to the Harmony . The main thing for me was to play.

Having moved to Tolyatti, Kukumberg undertook at once habitual business - has started to stamp goals one behind others. Now the Novel the best sniper of the command. The hockey player says that he quickly adapted in the Harmony and it has affected its game.

- In Russia I played before two years in club the Petrochemist - the sportsman smiles. - in this time has had time to learn language, therefore to me here it is completely not heavy. Russian people on mentality are very similar to Slovaks! The difference is completely not big, and even it is difficult to me to explain, in what.

Helps the Slovak hockey player to get used to life in an unfamiliar city and his family. His wife, pretty brunette Sasha and the four-year son the Novel, too have arrived to Tolyatti after the sportsman.

- here it is pleasant To us. For example, the club has rented apartment of all in five minutes of walking from sports Palace,   - shows where - that towards Kukumberg.

However, Kukumberg plainly has not had time to study Tolyatti yet, therefore he free time it spends houses together with a family.

- After games and trainings we can talk to Sashej, watch film, - tells Kukumberg. - But more often I sleep. After matches and trainings such weariness that you are ready to drop leans.

Except a dream Kukumberga have and more one passion. It appears, the hockey player adores different sweets.

- I the awful sweet tooth! - the Novel admits. - my favourite delicacy - fritters with chocolate paste Nutella !