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The major of militia Irina Volk has written the new book

Irina not only a press - the attache of Management on struggle against economic crimes of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of capital, but also the candidate of jurisprudence. Not simply charming woman, but also mother who has time to nurture the child to minister to the people, and at night to fill on the keyboard detectives and novels.

- Irina - unique operating the writer who works in system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, - with pride has noticed the chief of the department of public relations of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Victor Birjukov.

the Plot of the new book Modigliani`s Tempting is a ball of various human passions. In a murder detective intertwine with financial swindles and love.

On pages the love of artist Amadeo Modigliani to the Russian writer to Anna Ahmatovoj intertwines with destiny of the modern young lady - the critic, enamoured of the employee of department on struggle against economic security. They try to find out authenticity got to the Russian bank in the form of pledge of fifteen graphic drawings of Anna Ahmatovoj ostensibly written by Modigliani in the beginning of the last century.

That in the book truth, and that - fiction - to solve to the reader.

- After this book on which has left one and a half year of sleepless nights, I will write a new detective about the Russian corruption, - Irina has promised. - the information at me has enough.

Irina - unique operating the author of detectives working in militia