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Dogs in Petersburg will walk under the law

Each exit from the house for eight-year Maxim - the present test for boldness. The family lives on one platform with owners of a huge sheep-dog. For half a year the dog two times has bitten the child, but the regional militia while has helped nothing. Fifteen-year Marina has thrown jogs on park after the pit bull terrier has pursued it. Owners had time to stop a dog, but has got to the little girl - a pier, there is nothing to run here, itself run. Basically to children has carried - they have got off with a fright. Unlike the two-year kid, which couple of years back zagryzli huge volfhundy (in transfer - sobakovolki) and the thirteen-year boy tormented burbuljami in this summer and by miracle survived.

Attacks of dogs on the people, coming to an end with tragedy, occur in Petersburg to periodicity in half a year - year. And each time round these cases there are furious disputes. The public traditionally shares on two camps: Owners of dogs and at whom they are not present. In due course disputes cease. Before new state of emergency.

And here the city authorities have reacted to this uneasy situation. The governor of Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko has suggested to develop the bill providing responsibility for dog breeders. The document of owners of large dogs concerns. For example, with them it will be impossible to walk without a muzzle or near to a children`s playground. About beer during walk with an animal on a broader scale it is necessary to forget, differently the penalty. And here if at you the house there lives a harmless lap dog, nobody will force to muzzle it and will not be against if you walk with it on park. Certainly, such innovation was not pleasant to dog breeders. A pier, provocation and intended kindling of aggression to friends of the person.

- People should understand that the large dog without a muzzle represents danger to associates. Nobody is going to strike at the rights of owners of animals, we are ready to listen to opinion of dog breeders and we invite them to the further work on the document, - authors of the bill have declared.

Certainly, the document has called at once disputes, but as have shown results of spent recently sociological poll, the overwhelming majority of townspeople - 74,2 %, have supported a position of the city government. Thus 61,2 % - owners of dogs have joined this opinion. Against has acted only 6,4 % interrogated.

By the way, the initiative of the Petersburg officials is not new. For example, in Moscow rules of the maintenance of pets operate and capital officials plan to toughen penalties for their infringement in the near future.

it is concrete

Dog the law forbids to walk animals:

- above 40 sm in holke without a lead and a muzzle

- on children`s playgrounds, near to kindergartens, schools and polyclinics

- in venues of mass actions

Provides the penalty from one to five thousand roubles for:

- vygul animals in a status of alcoholic, narcotic and toxic intoxication, children till 14 years

- natravlivanie dogs on people and animals.