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Altay esery have left Fair Russia from - for injustice

disagreement of rank-and-file members of party with a position of regional branch became the Reason for that. In particular, with actions of the head of fraction eserov in AKZS Alexander Mastinina. The matter is that a regional management SR has removed Alexander Cherdantseva from fast of the head of the regional organisation. But all incident what even he did not know it.

- Alexander Pavlovich on former went for work, - the councillor of local branch tells Love KONCHIKOVA. - About its dismissal we have learnt casually from a news line on the Internet. Unless it is normal? It turns out that a regional management SR has not considered necessary not that to consult to us concerning its dismissal, but even it is elementary to inform on the accepted decision!

The actions heads have shown that consider the party organisation as a personal ancestral lands, and Party members uncomplaining executors of the will. For this reason 8 persons there and then left party. Their statements have accepted without superfluous conversations. By the way, and Cherdantsev also now not the party member