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Kirovchanin hopes that its talisman will help Russia to defeat

Few days remain before game of year Russia - Germany. The agiotage accrues every day. In spite of the fact that still on September, 10th RFS has stopped to accept demands for tickets, fans search for possibilities and do not lose last hope to find prohodku on this epic game. There are also those who already in the middle of summer have started to rise in virtual turns behind tickets and lost rest, without sleeping at the nights while at last the treasured admission has not appeared at them in hands. Among these desperate people is and kirovchanin Michael Malygin.

- Hardly beat out tickets, Michael remembers, - initially we wanted to go the company of 20 persons. Have booked tickets on the Internet in the middle of summer for 1,5 thousand roubles everyone. Later the company which is engaged in sale of tickets, was stopped ringing to us and has told that tickets at the old price are not present, is for 2 thousand. Further - is more expensive. The price has risen to 3 thousand roubles. Well and it was not the end. As a result the ticket has got to us for 4 thousand rbl. Certainly, wishing to go on a match was reduced in times. But all already behind, and tickets now are on a way to Kirov.

Michael has started to go on matches rather recently, but already considers it as the hobby.

- Went on games of Russia - Finland, on league of champions to Kazan, well and in parallel I still support the Locomotive . Therefore sign games we do not pass, - the Kirov fan tells.

As well as any patriot, Michael hopes that Russia will pull out victory in this game and that its talisman will help with it.

- I have ours trikolor with which I have visited on many games and while (spits out three times) did not bring - he saw only victories. And on this match the flag, naturally, will be with me as a talisman, only it is necessary to wash - Michael smiles.

And we too sincerely hope that on October, 10th in Moscow Russian national team will simply eat Germans, as has eaten the Bavarian sausages. Russia, forward!

What rechevki you would shout on a match Russia - Germany?