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The inhabitant of Tula has suffered from explosion of a warehouse of pyrotechnics in Voronezh

we Will remind that on September, 23rd in Voronezh there was a powerful explosion in a pyrotechnics warehouse. Bricks every which way flew away, a blast wave has beaten out glasses in nearby houses. One person was lost, 55 - were converted behind medical aid, 34 - h from them hospitalised. By data on 4. 30 mornings on September, 24th, in hospitals remained 21 persons. Among victims there were also inhabitants of Tula.

As writes the Voronezh site news. moe - online. ru and RIA Novosti news agency, 59 - summer inhabitant of Tula Vladimir Supruzhnikov from the Tula area together with the brother has arrived to Voronezh behind building materials.

- As soon as we left shop, behind us loud claps, time three - four were distributed, - with horror Vladimir remembers. - have understood that it is obvious not children play about, and have taken to the heels.

  Vladimir some metres as to it the brick has fallen to a shoulder has not had time to run off. According to the victim, splinters of bricks flew even pjatietazhku.
Supruzhnikov, despite a pain, has rolled up a wound rags, villages to the car and has gone far away from explosion. Only then, having driven off on the next street and having come to the senses a little, he has understood that in terrible turmoil has lost the brother. When the man has returned to the place of explosion, it has already been surrounded by militia - in a court yard started up nobody.

Only after Vladimir has gone home to relatives where it has met the brother. It has appeared, that has reached independently.

- We took with ourselves the necessary documents and have gone to hospital 8, and therefrom us have sent in BSMP, - Vladimir speaks. - to the brother has got more. The Blast wave it has thrown in air, and at falling it has hit a head about asphalt.