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In Kyrgyzstan have opened nursery on cultivation lovchih birds

As has informed - Kyrgyzstan one of chief executives of Federation of revival of national traditions and culture KR Sanat Chorobek Nasyrbekov, this event has occurred in the first of October in village the Pie - Kul of Tonsky area Issyk - Kulsky area. The first in an incubator put eggs of falcons - balabanov and two kinds of golden eagles.
-   and one of them, as they say, is intended by the nature for hunting. It is so-called a penalty - but or chernonogy a golden eagle. The weight of the adult male quite often exceeds ten kgs, - tells Chorobek Nasyrbekov.
As he said, in this perspective business directed on replenishment of a livestock of birds of prey and expansion of sphere of tourism, the set the person, enamoured of the trade is occupied. One of them, hereditary berkutchi Ishenbek Kydyrov. It is widely known outside of Kyrgyzstan as one of the best factory owners. Its pupils besides hunting trifles can extract and rather large trophies - wolves and jackals.
- the owner of nursery is Uhlan Karypbaev. Outside of republic it supports glory of the Kirghiz falcons within several years. Especially well it have learnt in Great Britain where the Uhlan is the constant participant of similar specialised meetings and festivals. A part of its contribution - pair of falcons, whose eggs also are put in an incubator, - supplements Chorobek Nasyrbekov.
to Rise to this business on a wing, according to the chief executive of Federation, full observance of requirements of the legislation of republic in the field of licensing and examination passage will help.
- one is bad that while is not present in state structures of the developed requirements on standardization lovchih birds and quotations on hunting with them. As well as norms of hunting with feathery hunters. So we to a certain extent should be trailblazers in this sphere, - he explains.
as assures Chorobek, the nursery is created not only for reception of commercial profit in the form of sale of birds and their eggs, but also for livestock replenishment in a native habitat. For this purpose a part lovchih after certain term will set free.
- so our ancestors because understood always did: it is impossible to take constantly from the nature, it is necessary to return periodically to it a part taken, - tells Chorobek Nasyrbekov. - In due course the Federation intends to unite efforts of all factory owners of falcons and berkutchi. Across all Kyrgyzstan only two persons professionally are engaged in cultivation of falcons. Position at berkutchi is hardly better, they be seven persons. And in this sense of Issyk - the Kulsky area is the centre of the given kind of activity - here lives the majority of factory owners. Pleases also that fact, as in Chujsky area have attended to cultivation of falcons - one inhabitant has already obtained the corresponding licence in state bodies.
it is necessary to add that in the business the Federation hopes for the help and assistance from the state and international organisations interested in preservation of traditions kyrgyzov, and also these kinds lovchih birds in the wild nature.