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Letters vladimirtsam will faster reach

It will earn in Podolsk Moscow Region. The correspondence from inhabitants and to inhabitants of the majority of areas of the central Russia, including vladimirskiy will be flown down here.

- Start of this centre will allow to reduce control terms of delivery of letters, - has declared on yesterday`s a press - conferences the director of management of Federal post service for Vladimir region Evgenie Aleksjutin. - More than 26 million inhabitants of the country will get to a service zone. Here mail already will be sorted completely, to concrete branch, and it is not required then to sort the letter in Vladimir and in areas. Envelopes begin to pack into plastic boxes thanks to what letters will not be rumpled.
hands pochtovikov practically will not concern envelopes: they will need to be carried only on cities and area villages - on concrete post offices. And absence of two additional sortings of letters will accelerate delivery time.
on it of an innovation in work of the vladimirskiy branch Mails of Russia do not come to an end. Inhabitants of houses where are located 37 - e post office and mail in microdistrict Energetik, will sigh easy. Many years tenants complained in all instances that their entrances - a double-exit courtyard: it is impossible to put the on-door speakerphone and other - other.
- very soon we will begin reconstruction of these two branches, - Evgenie Aleksjutin marks. - means - an order of 4,5 million roubles Are found. In post offices will spend re-planning, the input will be now from street, instead of through an entrance that will allow to increase the area of branches. In furnish our corporate style will be applied - premises begin to resemble on 21 - e and 31 - e branches.
besides, the enterprise undertakes and repair of the main building - post office. The monument of history demands repair: Already the design documentation prepares. Sorting from a building in city centre will deduce on Station descent that will allow to increase a servicing hall. The project will finish by the end of the year.

the Vladimirskiy branch Mails of Russia is 12 post offices, 138 cars of a motor depot of communication, 448 post offices. For last three years in area 3 new post offices are opened. 308 post offices are in countryside. Monthly here process more than 800 thousand letters and parcels post, 10 000 parcels. Extent of automobile routes in our area where mail cars every morning rush, - 13500 km. In Vladimir delivery is made 7 times a week, including Sunday, on area - 5 times, in small branches - 3 times. On mail works more than 4600 persons, from a bottom 1600 - postmen. An average salary of the vladimirskiy postman - 7933 roubles