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In Vladimir there was a monument to the working student

the Two-metre concrete figure of the student who has seized a bag of cement, is covered by a bronze paint. Drivers driving by cars with surprise shake heads.
is a monument of all young workers, - Maxim Nabirkin, the businessman explains. - at first wanted to make a monument to loaders as, on mine only by it in our country did not do a monument. But have thought then, among them it is a lot of drunkards. And career growth of anybody. And students always earned additionally. Who unloaded cars, who else than was engaged. I and itself in student`s years earned additionally. And have converged that there will be a monument of earning additionally youth.
have made the order to the sculptor. It for two months svajal from concrete a figure of the young man in special clothes. In hands a bag with cement. Writing-books stick out of pockets, the handle, zachetka. And if to get accustomed to the person of a statue it is possible to see a strong likeness with the author of idea Maxim Nabirkinom.

Maxim Nabirkin
- With the person long could not be defined, - Maxim laughs. - and then the father has suggested the person to put to me. On that also have converged.
by the way, Maxim with the father Yury are not for the first time marked by a sculptural delicacy. Giving thanks to their initiative in a city in due time has appeared avenue of leaders . In the street the World near to pool it is possible to see busts of all Soviet heads of the state. Thus the family of Nabirkinyh wanted to draw attention of youth of a city to history of Russia.
we and now do not forget about it, - Maxim Nabirkin speaks. - For example, we think near to this avenue to make a museum of the Russian history. With photos old, exhibits. All as is necessary. If there is a possibility why not to make. It is interesting.

young workers Monument. Height - 2 metres. Weight - 1 ton. A material - concrete. Project cost - 60 thousand roubles.

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In Vladimir there were legendary willows

With ancient capital hailstones Vladimir such legend has been connected - everyone entering into a city should bow to three willows bearing a name of Belief, Hope and Love. Representatives of the vladimirskiy regional society of protection of animals have decided to revive this tradition, and at the same time and to protect century trees from vandals.

Legendary willows
the Photo: the author
For a legend was chosen by willows on a crossroads of two streets - the World and Bitter. To each tree, at least, for hundred years. And the grasp of trunks at century willows reaches almost four and a half metres.
now between trees there is a memorable tablet: White Willows of Belief, Hope and Love! .
so now everyone vladimirets can, passing by, at desire to bow to ancient inhabitants of our city. If, of course, will not be afraid to look strange by sight other townspeople.