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Gays and lesbians have asked for a Petersburg REGISTRY OFFICE

While in Moscow deputies of the State Duma discussed how to make the Russian families safe, and children happy, from Petersburg they were given best regards by sexual minorities. Just to these parliamentary hearings active worker LGBT - movements (unites lesbians, gays, and transvestites) Maria Efimenkova has spent bisexuals at Smolnogo picket with the requirement to resolve to unisex steams to register the relations.

Representatives of the sexual majority tried not to notice the lonely lady with the poster on a neck: for a moment having read its proclamation, they confusedly took away eyes and ran by.

- the officials of Smolnogo going from work were the Basic spectators, - Maria has told. - tourists photographed me, some more elderly women have hissed: Any rights it! Any! .

the great interest to piketchitse was shown by militiamen: At first they have copied passport data Efimenkovoj, and then have begun to drive away valorously from it representatives of the removing press. A pier, suddenly will embody something not that. It did not confuse Maria. Business - that habitual: geteroseksualam not to understand problems of gays and lesbians.

- I support the equal rights, - Maria has explained. - unisex steams are exposed in Russia to discrimination. Their legalisation is possibility to overcome society stereotypes. In Petersburg about 250 thousand gomoseksualov, and the majority of them lives in settled steams, only they do not advertise it. And we struggle not simply for a stamp in the passport, and for the legal status which provides, for example, property rights, inheritance possibility. Yes at least that it was possible to visit the spouse in hospital when start up only the native. And, of course, the guardianship right over children.

It appears, at sexual minorities bent for to a continuation of the family is not absent at all. Many steams for the sake of it go on all shifts: the female use ekstrakorporalnoe fertilisation, man`s - substitute mothers. Or simply take kids from children`s home. However, while so anybody also has not heard sexual minorities: the majority does not have to them business. And at parliamentary hearings the deputy Elena Mizulina also has at all supported interdiction EKO for lesbians.

- Mizulina at least recognised existence of unisex pairs, and it is already good, - Efremenkova does not despair. - But that in a family of gays the gay will grow is a myth! In Russia such researches it was not spent, and in the West were spent. There have come to a conclusion that children at unisex pairs develop, as in a usual family. Unique difference - they grow more tolerant.