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we Want, that us have put on the counter!

the history about confusion with the established counter to us was told by pensioner Evgenie Nikolaevich Landihov.

- Tariffs for housing and communal services annually grow, and we with the spouse pensioners, therefore and have decided to establish counters on water that though as - that to save. Before it to make, in December, 2007 I was converted into a management company of Autofactory area Our house with a question: a leah I Have is right to establish individual counters? therefrom to me the answer has come: while there are disagreements with the Water canal on installation of counters of cold water, but you buy and establish - say, all questions will be settled in the near future.

so Evgenie Nikolaevich also has made. In April, 2008 firm Intes having the corresponding licence for works, has established in apartment of pensioners the counter of cold water of German firm Minol International.

- In total we have spent together with work of 3,5 thousand roubles, - Evgenie Nikolaevich explains.

After a while a management company Our house has sealed up the account device, and in its operation should accept the Water canal. However from them to pensioners the negative answer has arrived: We do not accept in operation counters of cold water .

- That occurs, we do not understand. The same infringement of human rights! - Evgenie Nikolaevich worries. - We have bought the counter, it have sealed up. So why we cannot pay on it? In other disctricts of the city of such lawlessness is not present. After all the economy is obvious: on the counter we would pay 640 roubles a month for cold water, and under the specification we spread about 1800 roubles.

and here already almost two years the pensioner pesters courts: at first regional, then the regional. Everywhere to support it refuse - ostensibly the claim is submitted by it not on that organisation.

- Here the decision of Kanavinsky court: Recalculation for consumption of cold water for the persons living in apartment houses, is not carried out by the respondent. A management company Our house is the executor regarding granting of utilities - Evgenie Nikolaevich shows documents. - there is an impression that at the Water canal and Our house there is any abacus. In summary inhabitants suffer affliction...

fortunately, Management of antimonopoly service across the Nizhniy Novgorod region in actions of the Water canal of infringement of the federal law About competition protection all - taki has seen - regarding abusing a leading position in the market. And now there is a hope that nizhegorodtsam all - taki will return the right to pay for water under actual expenses, instead of under specifications.

... However, even such decision UFAS any more will not help Evgenie Nikolaevichu. Its involuntary error was that it has gone at once to court. And judicial decision UFAS as the administrative body, cannot cancel. And now at the pensioner one exit - to continue the begun struggle.

- I anyway will go up to the end, - Evgenie Vasilevich speaks. - also I will pass all instances up to the Strasbourg court. Let and there learn about our Water canal.