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George Michael was thrown by the boy friend

Believe, we never would write about it if George Michael was not one of the most popular singers in the world. After 13 - summer relations from it darling Kenni Goss has left, and the actor has plunged into terrible depression.

the End to relations has come after about one year back George (or Michael?) Have arrested in a toilet in Hempstede in a status of narcotic intoxication and with a grass on hands. But truth became known just now.

Kenni was going to leave for Christmas, but the actor has asked to give it one more chance. Despite joint business - art - gallery in Dallas, Goss has told that from it will suffice. And their relations in the past.

the Close friend families has told that Kenni allowed to George many chances to be corrected. But after incident in Hempstede he has told that cannot take out it any more. All know that the singer was there not only to be indulged with drugs is a place it is known to that there men remove each other for sex.

In spite of the fact that George always said that at them free relations, Kenni he never agreed with its arguments supposedly should go and search to itself still for someone for entertainment or divide passion of the actor to cannabis.

They even were going to get married for them 10 - ju anniversary in 2006 - m to year, but Kenni has told that if George Michael will not change, it is better to run up. Apparently, it could not finish the bad habits.

When Kenni has left, the singer has hammered on all working obligations, including preparation   release   DVD it 25 - go live tour with which, by the way, it came to Russia. It has sat down at home and has conceived a liking for computer games. Then shocked the manager with that without the prevention has not arrived on performance of Bejons from which should sing a duet.

- It rises at two o`clock in the afternoon, eats pair of sandwiches, sits down to play computer toys till seven mornings, then goes to bed. And so every day, - George`s friend complains. - rupture has strongly knocked him on the head. It has thoughts on again to return to work but while it does not have forces.

George Michael denies this history: It is all a lie, inventions of enemies! We on the former love each other! Now Kenni in Dallas, in our gallery, it will return on Friday, and at us will be perfect days off! . It is poorly believed that it is truth...