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Open Society VKS INFORMS: the boiler-house in Jurevtse has found new life

Four months a boiler-house which serves a number of the enterprises and seven multiroom apartment houses on street November, was on reconstruction. The boiler-house 70 - h years of construction has been equipped by the ineffective equipment, which morally and physically obsolete. In coordination with Vladimir`s city administration and in interests of inhabitants of microdistrict, Open Society company VKS has developed the investment program on object upgrade.

For four months difficult and enormous work has been done. A boiler-house completely technically perevooruzhilas the advanced reliable equipment.
- replacement of the out-of-date equipment has been completely made, - the chief of department of capital construction of Open Society " tells; VKS the Novel Nikiforov. - We have established domestic zharotrubnye coppers with German torches and pumps. It would be desirable to notice that at a design stage we conceived boiler-house upgrade so that to reduce to a minimum presence of people on object. Differently, the boiler-house is capable to work completely in an automatic mode, without personnel presence.

the Overall objective of upgrade of object - improvement of quality of a heat supply, decrease in quantity of disconnects, failures and technological any refusals - has been reached rapidly. It is necessary to notice that under the specification only building - installation works occupy the whole six months. However experts of Open Society VKS understood what to count on such resource of time senselessly, on hand there are only four months during which work should be completely complete.

the Boiler-house is capable to work in an automatic mode.
- the Course on upgrade and the development, taken by Open Society VKS in 2004, it is realised by the accelerated rates, and not mere words, - director OP marks Open Society VKS Teploservis Alexander Pigolkin. - Within the limits of this concept all coal and black oil boiler-houses have already been closed. A vivid example of successful activity of the company this year can completely modernised boiler-house in Jurevtse ministers. This object was for a long time in the field of our sight as one of the most unreliable and difficult. Today it is possible to notice with satisfaction that 14 million roubles which have been enclosed in actions for reconstruction of boiler-house PMK - 18, have yielded the positive result. The object is completely ready by the winter and corresponds to the standard requirements.

It is remarkable that inhabitants of the given microdistrict   with patience and, the most important thing, with   understanding have concerned to let and long, but nevertheless to time household difficulties. Next year people to the full can feel real improvements, after all terms of disconnect of hot water in daylight saving time will not exceed two weeks. Isn`t that so, for the sake of such prospect it was necessary and to suffer.