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South Ural derbi again has come to the end with victory Magnitogorsk

Cheljabintsy have ruined first half of duel, having allowed to Magnitogorsk to spend in the gate three meek washers. First two goals have been hammered from game by Stanislav Tchistov and Evgenie Varlamov. The third - from a penal throw was thrown by Igor Radulov. So owners of ice have punished the Tractor for impudence of attacking Paul Bojchenko which has literally taken out the rival with pjatachka at gate of Alistratova.

it would Seem, the destiny of a duel is predetermined, but cheljabintsy in reciprocal attack reduce rupture in the bill, thereby reviving an intrigue in a match. Pierre Dezhene has caused a stir, on dobivanii after a throw in an emphasis of Ramzi Abida productively having thrown a washer through goalkeeper Proskurjakova lying on ice.

In the third period the washer has once again visited collars the Metallurgist . This time after Andrey Popova`s throw. But has not had time attacking to throw up a hand upwards as it have rolled in vratarskuju a zone. Judges needed viewing of video of repetition after which the goal has been included - 3:2. Remained time the Tractor attacked more than the rival, money changers of the goalkeeper on the sixth field player, but has not managed to even up scores. A point in a match Denis Hlystov, a well-aimed distant throw has put the collar which have amazed an empty framework. 4:2 - victory Magnitogorsk .


the Metallurgist (Magnitogorsk) - the Tractor (Chelyabinsk) - 4:2 (1:0, 2:1, 1:1).

on September, 24th. Magnitogorsk. Ice arena the Metallurgist .


1:0 - S.Tchistov (T.Rolinek, D.Hlystov, 03:58).
2:0 - E.Varlamov (37:09).
3:0 - I.Radulov (37:23 - bullit).
3:1 - P.Dazhene (R.Abid, 37:30).
3:2 - And. Priests (49:35).
4:2 - D.Hlystov (59:51 - empty gate).

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