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And I do not see in this darkness who behind beats me on a cinciput...

you have not noticed - in the autumn in Moscow has sharply darkened? And not only because the sun sits down earlier. Simply in many court yard light does not burn. Recently OATI - association is administrative - technical inspections - has spent selection check of light exposure of quarters. And in 9000 court yard have found more than 1000 infringements. Lanterns, lamps under peaks of entrances, house signs, projectors on athletic fields did not burn... My court yard just the such. And I have tried to introduce in it an order.
- the Sonny, we will go home, darkly already. You remember, you last time have hit? - Mum almost to the touch removes the child from a hill. Still there are no also eight evenings, but on a children`s playground a darkness.
to Play a dark platform it is really dangerous. That also look the child will hit or rasshibetsja. And to shine to itself a way it is necessary a lantern under an eye...
On an athletic field too it is dark. In the winter projectors here shone, and boys drove a ball till the night. Now they smoke on a shop: what football if the collar is not visible?!
the Adult too cheerfully . I come back as - that from work. There is quietly, after all an asphalt in hummocks: you will stumble and will be stretched! Suddenly - a strange sound. Someone`s heavy breath comes nearer to me in outer darkness. A dog? Judging by puffing, huge, from a calf! I remember: in the next court yard their whole flight - owners of garages lure. My feet grow dumb. Usually in such cases I lift a stick from the earth, but it is not visible zgi! And - and - and! Here to me in a foot below a knee tychetsja something soft. Uh... French buldozhka. You have frightened me, the friend.
- Dora, faugh, do not touch the uncle! - To me from darkness approaches babulja from the next entrance. Smiles.
- in the Evening without a dog to walk I do not leave, - the old woman tells. - at the neigbour last week - from shop went - a bag have snatched out!
Yes that this such? We live in Moscow or deaf village Kukuevo? Why on capital it is necessary to go to the touch? Perhaps, light do not include in connection with crisis?
to Find the main thing on lanterns it has appeared more difficultly, than a cat at a dark entrance. I call in the MISINFORMATION.
- At me in a court yard lanterns do not burn.
- But we here at anything. Lanterns - not ours.
- And whose?
- Call in a justice, there will prompt.
I Call to the person on duty of a justice, I name the address.
- Now - now, we will look... No, in this court yard we do not serve lanterns.
- Opa... And who then?
- I do not know. Perhaps, municipality? Well or Svetoservis - there is such organisation.
- Truth? And it is possible to ask to find out you? You after all all can, - I add flatteringly.
- I Will try, call back.
In half an hour the person on duty of a justice has confused me even more.
- in general, so: to whom your lanterns, absolutely not clearly are fixed! And projectors on athletic field - behind municipality.
- And you can ask to include them? Me, I am afraid, will not listen.
- Not - and, I can not. Projectors on repair. But, as will repair, they will join - with darkness approach!
- Truth? Here happiness - that! And when this feast will come?
- Yes who knows it.
it is valid, who it... Projectors do not burn from last winter. It is visible, repair was tightened. Uf... I call in Svetoservis . Perhaps lanterns in a court yard all - taki will include?
Poshelestev pieces of paper, the dispatcher has sighed:
- Excuse, we do not serve your court yard. Call in a justice.
Feeling that the circle becomes isolated also a darkness ring is compressed round me, almost I shout:
- the Girl, but I already called! They have told to call to you.
- Here is how... And at you lanterns in a court yard precisely are?
On the verge of a hysterics I call in Lighting inspection OATI. There have promised to understand.
- We will write the letter to prefecture, that will be converted in Moscow light and Moscow light takes your lanterns on balance.
- And then light will include?
- Certainly. But you especially do not rejoice. It can both for a month, and on half a year to be tightened. Leave your phone, we will call.
I waited three days. Have not called. In general, having passed all instances, light in a court yard I and has not adjusted.
Illumination in Moscow, appears, as that child at seven nurses. Without an eye. For it justices, municipalities, " respond the MISINFORMATION; Svetoservis and Moscow light . And - anybody is concrete. So has developed. After all behind houses - so, and lanterns over entrances - are obliged to watch kommunalshchiki. Behind athletic fields and their illumination - justices. Lanterns traditionally knew Moscow light .
However as assure of the mayoralty, an order have started to direct.
- In August of this year in Moscow there has passed inventory of all light support. Some thousand have appeared ownerless, - has told the chief engineer of State Unitary Enterprise Moscow light Alexander Kireev. - Justices have started to pass them to us. But these support, as a rule, such shabby that them it is necessary to take down and put the new. Here we also will be engaged in it.
- So when illumination in all court yard will adjust?
- When all support will appear on our balance. However, much depends on financing.
By the way, Alexander Kireev has assured that Moscow from - for crisis does not extinguish lanterns. Them light, as before, when light level in the street falls more low 20 suite. (It is deep twilight, but it is yet dark.) a signal - we turn on the light! - the person on duty from the central dispatching office " gives; Moscow light when the gauge on a building roof shows - it is time.
But here a misfortune: in Moscow it is all the same full perfect (!) Dark court yard. And, strangely enough, it is a lot of them in the centre. Instead of lanterns here - lamps on a seeing-off. They are not connected to the centralised system of illumination. Them or kommunalshchiki, or inhabitants therefore include. When do not forget...
- And a dark court yard if it also is poorly populated, - an ideal place for criminals, - the employee of Communications Department of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Igor Bashev tells. - How much was cases: the person by the car has approached, things from salon unloads, has relaxed - it almost at home! And here borsetochniki in the dark a bag with documents and money from the car drag.
So, can, all illumination - both streets, and court yard, and athletic fields - to pass per customer? Reliable. And that and we will falter in the dark and to exhaust children in seven evenings. To the TV.
Who pays for light?
Money for illumination of court yard and streets are allocated from gorbjudzheta. Annually - over two billions roubles. Tenants pay for illumination of house signs and an entrance porch and, partially, gorbjudzhet. For operation of athletic fields, including illumination, justices - but too, of course, budget money pay. So ourselves pay for light anyway.
the Most dark areas of Moscow
Inspector OATI have found out, where court yard are shined worst of all. This Southern Medvedkovo, Izmajlovo, Fili - Davydkovo and Horoshevo - Mnevniki.
the lantern in a court yard - (495 251 - 23 - 94 - " does not burn; Svetoservis .
the sign, a lantern over an input in an entrance - in the MISINFORMATION is not shone house.
the athletic field - to the person on duty of a justice is not shined.
you already everywhere have called, but light and is not present - (495 322 - 13 - 78, Lighting inspection OATI.