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In Kazan the lawyer was brought to justice, that has enticed at the ward one million roubles

History with the dishonest defender has shaken all lawyer community.   all has begun that at Natalia Ivanovoj (all names are changed. – a bus comment) In Privolzhsky district court should decide destiny of the son. The guy was threatened with considerable term. The woman was converted behind the help to the lawyer.
that has agreed to undertake protection of her son, but has demanded in payment of 20 thousand roubles. Natalia has given money to it, but in exchange has not received neither receipts, nor contracts on cooperation. As the woman has explained, she simply did not know that it is necessary to do it.

the Dexterous lawyer has decided that can use trustfulness of the woman once again. As inspectors have found out, the man has suggested Natalia to bribe the judge of the Sovereign court of Tatarstan that that has given the command to the judge of Privolzhsky district court, and to the son of the woman would give conditional term.

First Natalia has believed to the lawyer and even naskrebla 500 thousand roubles. Money has passed at witnesses in the end of November of last year in one of trading complexes of Kazan.
and has then reflected, a leah will deceive its defender. Also has gone with the complaint to management on struggle against economic crimes. On the following meeting with the lawyer it has come already with field investigators. Those observed of succession of events from outside, expecting, when Natalia will pass the defender remained 500 thousand roubles to payoff of the judge.

After rolls of money have appeared at the lawyer, it took.
- now the man accuse « in instigation to a bribe » and « swindle in especially large size ». Punishment to it will define court, - have explained in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Soviet area of Kazan.