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At a recreation centre of Railwaymen the foreign car has got to a pond

- Meal by the bus at a recreation centre of Railwaymen, I look: there in prudike - the car! - writes on number editorial « aski » ( 560 - 032 - 344 ) kirovchanka Natalia. - as it there has got, not clearly... Floats to itself on a surface - does not sink.

the correspondent «» has into place left;. It has appeared: in the morning to stadium at a recreation centre of Railwaymen on the Ford Focus there has arrived the young man - sports to work. The car has parked at a pond.

- it to see, not on a bench hammer has put « Ford » the, and on transfer has left, - the eyewitness, wished to remain not named laughs. - and he while here ran, to it guys (at this time at stadium football players - a bus Comment trained) Have cried: the car rolls down - it seems, yours!

the young man has there and then run to a car. But was late: the car, accurately having dived through a border, floated on a water surface. A grief - the sportsman at first has called the father, then, probably, has called the wrecker. And while the parent who has arrived on help drove away TV men, closed hands an objective of their chamber, experts pulled out the car.

- and then it has simply sat down for a wheel and has left, as in what happened. - the girl sunbathing at this time on waste ground near to a recreation centre, shows towards station. - in some minutes on a broader scale it was impossible to tell that the car just has visited a pond - dry, even not especially dirty.


In the centre of Kirov the foreign car has got into a pond