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Later 8 years in Udmurtiya have caught murderers of the Perm businessman

in the beginning of August, 2003 have found a corpse with the knife wounds in the field of a neck. A body of the man have found out in the river Kep in 100 metres from a line Izhevsk – Glazov.

to identify and establish the person of the man, employees of criminal investigation department have directed orientations to the next regions. And in some days from the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on the Perm edge the answer has come.

- as it was found out, its relatives were converted into law-enforcement bodies of Perm with the statement for unknown disappearance of the man, - deputy chief ORCH - 1 (on struggle against crimes against the person) tells the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Udmurtiya the major of militia Maxim Kargashin . - Killed it has appeared 47 - the summer deputy director of one of the enterprises of Perm who in the end of July, 2003 has left to Izhevsk in business trip for the purpose of the conclusion of the contract on acquisition of two « KamAZov » a brick.

As informs a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Udmurtiya, in Izhevsk the businessman has met two local « businessmen ». Those have promised that they can sell to it a brick at the low price. But only for this purpose it is necessary to approach directly on the manufacturer in Glazov. However, on a place it was found out what to sell the goods at the price, interesting the Perm businessman, the manufacturer does not intend.

After that all three with what have returned to Izhevsk. On it the chain has broken, and criminal case should be suspended.

and only this year have established the person of the possible witness of a crime. The driver of the car, on which Izhevsk « has appeared it; businessmen » together with the Perm businessman once again left towards Glazov. But only this time at night. The man was afraid to sweep all this time, therefore did not give to evidence law enforcement bodies.

This trip has appeared fatal for the businessman. After the unfortunate transaction and knowing that with itself the businessman has a large sum of money, malefactors had an intention on murder. Without reaching to Glazov, malefactors have stopped the car, have put the knife wounds to the businessman, have shipped a corpse in a luggage carrier of the car and, having approached on the bridge, have got rid of it, - writes a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Udmurtiya.

and on Monday on June, 21st, 2010 both malefactors have been detained. Now they are in custody. To men now threatens from 8 till 20 years of imprisonment.