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Luzhkov has congratulated capital graduates on leaving school

the Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has congratulated on the termination of study of capital graduates to which on Wednesday should say goodbye to school, is told in the official statement of the capital town governor placed on a site of department of education of a city.

graduation parties will pass in Moscow from June, 23 till June, 24th for 42 thousand graduates from 1,25 thousand capital schools.

on behalf of the Government of Moscow and from myself personally hotly and warmly I congratulate you on leaving school. From the bottom of the heart I wish you, expensive graduates, health, good, happiness, loyal friends, good luck and successes in realisation of your perfect plans and plans on an independent course of life - it is marked in a congratulation of the capital town governor.

according to the mayor, the Moscow school has given to graduates Profound knowledge and correct moral reference points, the love to a native city and our remarkable country " has imparted;.

you - clever, talented, vigorous, initiative, purposeful, with huge potential which is necessary for realising with advantage for itself and a society. Each of you - the person, ready to bring the contribution to development of Moscow and Russia - gives of RIA Luzhkov`s word News .

the Mayor of Moscow also has expressed confidence that graduates of the Moscow schools will find a worthy place in life, having received special or higher education, having come on manufacture, to a science, education, medicine, culture, sports, management, business, in numbers of defenders of Fatherland.

we believe in you, we are proud of you! Save on all life of memoirs on native school, love and respect for your remarkable teachers who have cleared for you road to knowledge, for the future big fulfilments and achievements - the mayor of yesterday`s schoolboys addressed.


there is more than half of graduates of schools can study in high schools free of charge