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In Novosibirsk search for seven gone children

« already told about the state of emergency which have occurred in children`s camp of a name of Boris Bogatkova which is in Kudrjashah. In a past week-end from there distance I tear up five children, all of them pupils of children`s homes.

- Four from them – pupils of the first children`s home. It is 12 - summer Jan Silaev, 15 - summer Dmitry Terentyev and Anja Suzdaltseva, and also 13 - summer Ilya Lihachev, – has told « the camp commander Anna Krasichkova. – One more run away boy was from Doroginsky children`s home of Cherepanovsky area. And more two children already have found it. One has gone to celebrate the birthday to the grandmother, and others – simply in « to a self-wolf ».  

While there is to the unknown person Ilya Lihacheva`s destiny and Ani Suzdaltsevoj. Ilya, as well as many children in camp – the pupil of correctional group, with some mental deviations. Therefore flight for it – business usual, earlier the boy has run time and again « on will » from children`s home.

- Ilya has father, mum, to that brothers and the sister - it from a large family. But his parents are deprived the parental rights, - has told « Elena Alekseeva, chief PDN of the Kirov area. – in children`s home the boy has arrived not in infancy, and already generated person. The child has got used to be the own master, has wanted – has gone for a walk, has not wanted to study – not to study. Adults obeys hardly …

And Ane has the day before called mother who has just wound off term for murder, has wanted to meet, present to the girl gifts... But then mummy has left in a hellbender and the promise could not constrain. Most likely, Anja has gone on searches of mum. The girl does not respond to calls.  

But there is more to come « poterjashki » which search for beaten days militiamen. So, on Sunday and from the children`s home 1 five pupils have run away:  

is 17 - summer Maxim Mitrofanov, Ekaterina Smetanin, Andrey Poluhin, and also 16 - summer Nastja Dunets and 18 - summer Olga Kozlova, - have declared « in the area Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. – while about a site of these minors it is not known.

But the runaway reasons are already known:

- These children too should go on rest to children`s camp, - Elena Alekseeva speaks. – It for the usual child nurtured in a normal family, rest in camp is represented a certain fascinating adventure. And for detdomovtsev – this infringement of their freedom, in the same place a mode, it is necessary to rise early, during time to lay down … All children who now search, have already repeatedly run earlier on street. But all the same we very much for them are stirred, the main thing that with them happens nothing …