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Arena the Tractor will freeze on July, 6th

Approximately one month ago on arena « the Tractor » — a house platform Chelyabinsk « bears » — have melted ice. For some weeks « idle time » experts will check up a refrigerating machinery, will spend operational works. Gradual pouring of ice in some layers will begin on July, 4th, will finish — 6 - go.

Heads of arena say that lesson schedules of sport schools and amateur commands are already painted till September. At the height of summer hockey players will start to prepare for a new season. The temperature on an ice surface will be plus 3 - 8 degrees. From hot summer it will be possible to plunge at winter.

we Will remind that youth structure « the Tractor » leaves holiday already on July, 1st. From July, 5 till July, 17th will pass gathering on a lake Terenkul camp site. The basic structure « the Tractor » will finish vacation 23 - go. Championship KHL starts on September, 8th (the calendar of games will be published on our site in the beginning of July).

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In a past week-end on arena « the Tractor » the first in Southern Ural Mountains have celebrated the All-Russia Olympic day devoted 116 - j to anniversary of education of the International Olympic committee (IOC) and 65 - letiju Great Victory.

the Director of arena « the Tractor » Jan Jakutsenja has read words of salution of the president of the International Olympic committee of Jacque Rogge, devoted to the Olympic day. On the sports feast devoted to this day, have invited kiddies from three schools of Kalininsky area. And the participant of three winter Olympic Games skater Natalia Polozkova (Albervil - 92, Lillehamer - 94, Nagano - 98) became the guest of honour. Kiddies competed in stritbole, to throws on a ring, jumps on a skipping rope, tamping of a football and badminton. All participants have received reading and writing and sweet prizes.

the Children played the Olympic sports feast.
a photo: Alexey MIKUSHIN