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The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation: the Professional army in Russia will not be

the Deputy minister of defence of Russia Nikolay Pankov has declared that the management of the Russian army does not have problems on transfer of army into a professional basis.  

would like to underline once again that we never supported completely contract army - has explained Punks.

thus the general has noticed that such radical step is very problematic for the Russian Federation: has put at all that it (completely contract army) extremely expensive pleasure., Actually, it is a lot of problem questions. And, actually, it is not casual all world armies go on other way. All world armies, for rare - a rare exception, go by the way of the mixed principle of acquisition of army. We adhere to this idea also .

Proportions of contract employees and srochnikov in the Russian army will be discussed nevertheless as considers Punks: In our army there will be also military men - kontrakniki, and military men - recruits. In our army will be, as it and was always, representatives of the civil personnel. All question in what parity of recruits and contract employees quotes Interfax .