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Near Volgograd the chief spetspriemnika forced arrested persons to build to it a summer residence

One of these days in Volzhsk court has put an end on business of the chief spetspriemnika which took out and forced arrested persons to build to it a summer residence.

- Under the law, persons who get in spetspriemnik, can be occupied on public works and in this case the state pays for them, or to leave obligatory works at private persons and then the management of firms pays them the salary. But the major has decided to arrive on - to another, - Irina Efremova, the inspector on especially important issues WITH on a city informs to the Volga SOU SKP on area . -   He forced arrested persons to write applications to which they voluntary agreed to go for public works, and instead took out them on the site near Volzhsk.

Here at the chief spetspriemnika some months the summer residence work such here « was under construction; volunteers ». Certainly, enduring administrative punishment, thus did not get wages.

the Major denies the fault, however, the consequence has found witnesses who have told that personally saw, how brought people who forced to erect   a small house on a personal plot.

Under article to the major shines till 4 years of prison.