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In Novosibirsk search for relatives of the soldier who has lost at the front

this History has begun in days of the Great Patriotic War, has proceeded in 2003, but it is not finished till now. Seven years ago searchers from the Kazan it is information - the search centre « Fatherland » have found out in the Novgorod region remains of the soldier from Novosibirsk. On May, 8th, 2003, on the eve of a Victory Day, its remains perezahoronili on the Military memorial in village the Meat Pine forest. But relatives of the Red Army man are not found till now.

- on a mortal medallion of the warrior there was following data: « Gorjachev Ivan Flegontovich, the city of Novosibirsk, Serebrennikovsky 20, an entrance 1, apartment 1 cellar, will receive Penkova O. A » - have told « in the centre « Fatherland ». – As a rule, we manage to find relatives or acquaintances of the lost fighter, but in this case has passed 7 years, and anybody has not responded till now.

our experts were connected To search from committee on affairs of youth of a city administration of Novosibirsk also. If you possess any information be converted to the address: 630099, Novosibirsk, the Station highway, 16, 5 floor, kab. 2, phone (383) 227 - 49 - 79 (Irina Sergeevna Soloveva), e - a mail: isolovieva@admnsk. ru. Also you can write to Kazan to the address: 420039, Kazan – 39, and/ I 122, (Ilsija Vladimirovna Zinurova), e - a mail: mipc@mail. ru.